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Walk – in- interview – Great Learning

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Walk-in interviews are not scheduled, one doesn’t need a prior appointment to attend these interviews. These walk-in interviews are also known as open job interviews. 

When a company has a large number of vacancies then they usually go for a walk-in interview where they can recruit a number of candidates for the organization. 

In walk-in interviews, all the applicants are considered for the interview and the company takes on the spot interview rather than scheduling an interview with the candidate. 

How to prepare for walk-in interviews? 

As every applicant is going to get the chance to sit in the interview and which makes walking – in the interview a little difficult but if you prepare and rehearse well, you can stand out from the crowd and get yourself selected. 

Keep in mind the points discussed below to crack any walk-in-interview. 

1. Know about the company 

Good research about the company will add confidence when you will sit in the interview. You need to garner all the relevant information about the company before you start preparing for the interview. Scrutinize their website to know who they are and what facilities their company offers. Try getting insight about what they are going to expect from you, their social media pages can help you a lot in

collecting all these insights. Update yourself with the recent news that is going on in the market to know about the recent achievements of the company and what next target they are looking for. 

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2. Carry all the required documents 

Whether the interview is scheduled or not, your document is a must. Arrange a file with all your documents and check it once a day before your interview. 

Some of the documents are listed below: 

● At least 5 copies of your resume/CV. 

● 5 passport size photographs. 

● ID proofs ( Adhar card, PAN card, Voter ID etc) ● Do carry the reference letter if you have any. 

● All your mark sheets and educational qualification certificates. ● Keep a pen and notepad with yourself. 

● Any other relevant document. 

3.First impression is the last impression 

Your skill will speak after your body in an interview which emphasizes you must dress up properly. A formal dress is what suits an interview, don’t forget to have proper grooming. Dress according to the post and company.

4. Prepare a self – introductory speech 

“ Tell us about yourself”, is one of the questions which is asked in every interview and don’t get surprised if you too face the same question in your interview. 

Prepare and practice a self – introductory speech before your interview. Don’t just try reading out what is already there in your resume. The interviewer wants to know something from you which is not mentioned in your resume/CV. 

Answers with a touch of both personal and professional life can be a suitable answer for the question. Try telling about your hobbies as well as your learning potential etc in your answers. 

Don’t try to misguide the interviewer with the skill you don’t possess as it will land you in trouble if he/she asks you any relevant question based on that particular skill. 

5. Communication is the key 

Your communication skill says a lot about the type of person you are. Try making the interview interesting as with your technical knowledge the interviewer will look at how good you are as a person to adapt to company culture. In a walk-in interview find a common interest and share the ideas on the same. 

While you communicate your body posture speaks a lot, so try being confident and sound convincing to the interviewers. 

If there are more than one or two interviewers, don’t get nervous, your confidence matters a lot. While giving answers to their questions don’t unnecessarily try to expand the length of the answer, be short and precise.

6. It’s all about confidence 

It’s obvious to get nervous before an interview but don’t let that affect your performance. You must have heard that your body speaks louder than your words, don’t let the nervousness affect the confidence you need to develop in the interview hall. 

Mentioned below are some tips which you need to keep in mind before you walk in into the room: 

● While answering the question try maintaining eye connection. ● Try being optimistic. 

● Keep aside your nervousness. 

● Be precise with the answers. 

● Take a required pause while answering. 

● Smile and enjoy the interview 

7. List of the commonly asked questions in an interview 

The concept of an interview is designed as such to check the stress handling capability of a candidate. 

With industry related questions you will find yourself answering a few of the commonly asked questions often in an interview. 

● Tell something about yourself? ( remember don’t just read your resume/CV) 

● Tell me what you know about the company? 

● Where do you see yourself in the upcoming 5 years? ● What makes you suitable for this post? 

● How are you different from all other candidates? ● Why do you want to work with our company?

● Why do you want to join this industry? 

● What is your long term goal? 

These are some of the frequently asked questions in an interview, so prepare and practice answers to these questions prior to your interview. 

8. Ask questions to the interviewer 

Sounds strange? But yes you need to ask questions to the interviewer and make them think that you are really eager to join the organization. 

This round will help you to collect more information about the company you are going to put your efforts in. The questions should be such whose answer you don’t know already. 

You can jot down the questions for the interviewers prior to your interview on a notepad. 

Some questions which you can ask the interviewers are: 

● What are day – to- day challenges associated with the post? ● What capabilities the company is looking for in a candidate for the job post? 

● What will be the schedule of the day? 

● What next target the organization is looking for?

9. This is not the last interview 

Last but not least – remember that this is not the last interview you are going to give. Be confident and honest to yourself and there are a number of opportunities waiting for you in the queue. 

As there will be a large crowd for the walk-in interview, so don’t panic by seeing the crowd. In the interview hall, have confidence in your skill and be attractive with your communication skill. 

Leaving you here with the best of luck for your interview! Keep exploring! 


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