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Upskilling landed me a job fulfilling my professional goals – Potnuru Sai Nishant, PGP DSBA – Great Learning


Online courses can help us gain the required knowledge for us to build a successful career in Data Science. Read further to learn more about Potnuru Sai Nishant’s journey with Great Learning’s PGP Data Science and Business Analytics Course in his own words.

I did Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering at KL University and graduated in 2020. I don’t have any work experience.

Immediately after my graduation, I joined the program at Great Learning. My biggest challenge was to get a good set of skills in Data science and analytics and for that, I needed a platform, Great Learning came to the rescue. 

When I was pursuing my undergrad in computer science, I was quite disappointed when I got to know that there are no such positions held for data science where the placements were happening at our university. I found Great Learning’s PG Program of Data Science and Business Analytics very interesting and due to this pandemic, there is no other way better than online. The course is curated in such a way that gives you confidence and thrives you to secure a job in this domain very easily.

The soul of the program is the mentoring sessions. This is everything one should attend no matter what because the mentors make you fall in love with the subject. There are industry sessions as well for all the peers which are also very appealing in terms of gaining the general knowledge of domains available. The mentor was just impeccable with the concepts and the way they deliver, which helps you to assimilate easily and quickly.

The role of a mentor is pivotal. Since most of the learners taking this program are working professionals, it is a big challenge for them to complete the content which needs to be done weekly. The mentor who is available will support you on how to study and how not to. At any point in time, we can contact the mentor and clear our doubts easily.

The best thing I accomplished is getting placed at an amazing organization through Great Learning.

Be wise in giving time to this course. For example, even if we are having half an hour or an hour a day, please try to give your best. The great learning also provides the best materials for the modules which are very useful. Always try to attend sessions, be it mentoring or doubt clearing sessions. One can also look at the recording of these sessions if not able to make it for the week.


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