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UCEED, CEED 2023 Question Papers Available

The Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design (UCEED 2023) and Common Entrance Exam for Design (CEED 2023) question papers have been released by the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IIT Bombay). On January 22, Sunday, there were tests for UCEED and CEED 2023. UCEED 2023 was held for a total of 240 points, whilst CEED 2023 was kept for 200 points. On January 24, the CEED and UCEED 2023 draught answer keys will be released.

Along with the CEED and UCEED 2023 exam papers, the grading methods were also made available by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. 

UCEED 2023 exam paper: Part A and Part B. Part A lasted for two hours and thirty minutes. Part B began after Part A ended. Part A was further broken down into three parts, 1, 2, and 3. All sections were compulsory. Different types of questions were included in each part. There were 68 questions in total, worth a total of 240 points. The computer would display questions from Part A. Part A answers required to be typed into the computer. Part B, which was also required, had one drawing question worth 60 marks.

The CEED 2023 exam lasted for a total of three hours. Parts A and B made up the two sections of the exam. Part A lasted for an hour, and Part B was two hours long. Part B didn’t begin until after Part A was finished. Once Part B began, questions from Part A could no longer be attempted. The answers to Part A’s questions and Part B’s questions were to be input into the computer, while the answers to Part B’s questions were to be written in the answer booklet that the invigilator provided. Part A of CEED 2023 was made up of three required components and carried a total of 100 marks.

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