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Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM conducts its 10th ICARE Activity

On 21st December 2019, bangalore, Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) conducted its 10th ICARE operation at the Government Higher Primary School in Banashankari, Bangalore, in line with its ongoing efforts to inspire and enable employees to participate in social causes. More than 200 ICARE Champions (TKM employees) came together to engage with the students through various activities including: mural painting, creating clay and science models, and serving the students with food, adding a smile to their faces and raising their spirits. With the goal of promoting creative thinking in children and improving educational quality, this project at the school benefited more than 200 students.

ICARE’ –a charitable workplace program that is consistent with the company’s dedication to sustainable community development. This initiative constantly includes workers and aims to improve their understanding of different societal issues, helping to resolve critical needs within the CSR system of TKM. Since its inception in 2017, ICARE has increased in number and has succeeded in creating a great impact on society. Under ICARE, Toyota employees have previously restored a government school, promoted specialized health camps, organized a day of recreation with orphaned children, implemented an eco-campaign among school children by painting school premises ecologically, built recycled material playground, constructed road safety facilities for smooth traffic flow, engaged in the restoration and maintenance of the Bannerghatta National Park and extended assistance to families affected by the Odisha cyclone.

According to Mr. Sameer Sudhindra Desai, ICARE Champion, Participating in the cause He said that He is very happy to be part of this project because it gave him the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the lives of those bright young minds. He said He is thankful to TKM for continuously inspiring them to serve the community and to strive for society’s progress. Not only do these practices benefit society, but they also motivate them to become better people.

According to Mr D Pradeep Kumar, another volunteer under ICARE Program He said that they are thankful that their company has created a platform for the workers to come together and make a difference for the group. Being a member of ICARE has offered him another perspective on life. He said, Since its inception, He has been active in all the initiatives of ICARE. Personally, He feel passionate about contributing to society and engaging with his peers. They are delighted to be part of the success story of ICARE.

According to the Vice President, Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Mr. Naveen Soni- He said that They have always believed in putting their collaborative efforts to bring happiness to the community members ‘ lives and to achieve sustainability in the long term. Through ICARE, They aim to encourage their workers to participate actively in noble causes and motivate them to be the architects of change in society that will help them grow as a responsible citizen. They believe that concentrating on children’s development and providing adequate services would enable them to become tomorrow’s change makers. 

They work with local authorities to recognize children’s vital needs and plan strategies to improve their overall learning experience as they believe in providing quality grass-root education. Through this project, they plan to reduce the drop-out rate of the school by creating a healthy learning experience for the school children. And they will continue to focus their attention on issues that need their involvement and seek to make a key contribution that will motivate members of the community.

Over the years, Toyota Kirloskar Motor has initiated many sustainable initiatives to improve the country’s access to quality education. The company has built 9 government schools in the district of Ramnagara and Mysore.

Under the national campaign by the government to provide safe sanitation facilities for girls in India, Toyota has pledged its support to’ Swachh Bharat–Swachh Vidyalaya’ by building sanitation facilities at government-identified schools in three locations across India. To date, TKM has installed more than 890 sanitation units in 293 government schools across India, including: 124 in Varanasi (UP), 592 in Ramnagara, 80 in Bangalore (Karnataka) and 94 in Vaishali (Bihar).

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