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Top 10 Free Online Programming Courses – Great Learning

Programming Courses


Online courses are like training programs that enable you to learn the required programming courses that students or employers are searching for. It permits you to solve real life problems for computer programming. It also helps you to focus on important features of programming.

Now, we will discuss some free online courses that help you to learn programming skills. These online programming courses will help you to build up your problem solving skills and logical thinking.

10 free programming courses online

This Python course will let you know how to install python and write your own first program. As we know, python is widely used for many purposes like from web development to mobile app development and even for data science. So it will help you in your career also. This course is very easy as compared to others.

It is one of the best ways to learn programming skills online and you will be confident with core programming fundamentals like loops and functions. After completing this course you can create a game with python like Tic Tac Toe and Blackjack. Also this will help you to learn object oriented programming with classes which is very important for your career. It provides a proper understanding of creating GUIs in the Jupyter Notebook system.

For people who want to make a career as a Python Developer, this course is most comprehensive for them.

Java Programming is also an online course that supports people who want to become a computer programmer by gaining valuable Java skills. It will be beneficial for those who wish to make a career in Android development. Java programming will help you to improve the skills that you need to get your first Java Programming job.

You can develop a Java app using powerful integrated development environments on the market. It is a robust and object oriented programming language. It helps you to enhance your programming skills as it is very easy to code and compile in comparison with other programming languages like C and C++. Java remains highly popular among various programming languages available on the market. Java will exist in the future and like Uber, Netflix and other tech giants are still implementing Java in their development processes.

Javascript is the most popular client side scripting language which is supported by all browsers. It is an open source language. The Javascript course will help you to develop new skills with varieties of coding challenges. It will also benefit you to structure your code using patterns of Javascript such as modules.

In this course, you will learn about fundamental topics like if/else, loops, variables, Boolean logic, functions and arrays and many more. This course is mainly designed for those learners who are interested in using Node, React or Angular.

Javascript is commonly used to add special effects to the webpage and it is generally used for creating web pages. It is also used for validation purposes on the websites.

C++ is also an object oriented programming course in which you will be able to learn to build a route planner using OpenStreetMap data. This C++ course will improve your programming skills and it will give you hands-on experience by coding in real world projects. 

It is one of the best ways to learn this course online and solve real life problems. It will make you aware of tools for writing reusable code. This language is expected to only get more and more accurate as the years go on. C++ is a rapid language to learn for programmers and there is more opportunity in the market for this course. C++ has a large range of applications in the industry. It is mainly used for competitive programming and for those people who want to make a career in software development.

As we know data structure and algorithm is the most important part for every programmer. It plays a vital role in placements also as many companies ask about it. 

This course will help you to refresh your programming skills in python, java or any other language. The best language suited for data structure and algorithm is that which is based on object oriented programming concepts. It includes many topics like arrays, linked list, stack, queue, searching and sorting etc. You can analyze different data structures that can be used to store data. This course will also teach you basic and advanced algorithms which is very useful. It will allow you to know how to fix open ended problems.

The C# programming language is mainly used to develop desktop GUI applications. After completing this course you can develop games using Unity which is the most popular game engine. Also, you can learn this language for data structure and algorithms which is very important for writing useful programs. 

This is a leading programming language from Microsoft. 

C# is also an object oriented and type safe programming language. It is designed in such a way so that other languages can use it. This language is very easy to learn for anyone. C# is the first choice if anyone wants to create Microsoft apps. It is very useful for programmers as it is very efficient in managing the system and there is no problem of memory leak because of its high memory backup.

Intro to Programming is a course which helps you to understand the basics of HTML, python and CSS. You will enhance the ability to think and problem solving skills like a programmer.

This course will give you comprehensive knowledge of adding stylesheets to HTML code with CSS and adjusting styles on your website. It covers all the topics related to JavaScript and dynamic websites so that the programmer can enhance the skills. The course requires some qualifications like the ability to search or find on Google and meeting the deadlines. It is a flexible learning program. It guides the programmer how to start programming in a proper way so that everyone learns the way and improves their logical and programming skills. This is the best way to gain knowledge online which is beneficial for you.

The evergreen languages are C and C++. We discussed about C++ in the past. C is a basic language or we can say any learner should start from this C course. Many languages have borrowed features or syntax from the C language directly or indirectly. But this language is not an object oriented programming language. As C++ uses the features of C language so it is nearly a superset of C. This programming language is procedural. It was usually developed as a system programming language to write an operating system. Simple set of keywords and a clean style are the main features of the C language. It also includes low level memory access. Languages like Java and PHP are mainly based on the C language. This structured programming language is machine independent and extensively used to write various applications.

Full stack web developer course is a useful course that helps you to develop unique skills you need to build web applications. This course provides real world projects from industry experts. This is a flexible learning program. It covers many topics like documentation, API development, data modeling and many more which is necessary to learn for a full stack web developer. This course requires some knowledge of programming like the basics of python or any other programming language. After completing this course you will be able to design a database for a web app and create and deploy web APIs. You will also learn how to set up a flask based web application to the cloud computing Kubernetes and Docker.

Swift programming language is going to be the future for iOS app developers. Swift is a pro- developer programming language that was established to be familiar with beginners. This programming language is even considered as very close to the English language as it is easy to understand and code.

This language is also very easy to maintain. As it is an open source language so this is the main advantage for an iOS developer. It is fast and powerful and it also provides developers with important object oriented features such as classes and generics. Swift also provides experienced developers to read without any complexity because it comes with a clean syntax.

It permits programmers to test out the latest graphics or algorithm routine without having to build an entire iPhone app. This language will also decrease the time and money that you will spend on solving errors because problems can be fixed at that time as code is written. This language is low maintenance.

Learning knows no end when you have the burning desire to stay ahead. Explore professional courses designed and delivered by industry professionals.


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