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The program was thoughtfully designed-Chris Hageman, PGP AIFL Program – Great Learning

As Artificial Intelligence becomes more and more important for organisations, the problem doesn’t only come from searching for the right talent but also leveraging AI talent to maximize productivity and success. The success of a company hinges on the leadership behind it. Modern business leaders need a proper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of AI to transform their businesses. Great Learning’s Postgraduate Program- Artificial Intelligence for Leaders aims to help leaders develop the ability to identify the scope and manage projects in AI and make appropriate decisions. Let’s take a look at Chris Hageman’s journey with the PGP-AIFL Program and his thoughts on the same.  

The program was thoughtfully designed to include a high level of exposure to experts practicing in the field today- this approach is very valuable for students like me who are looking to immediately apply their learnings in their current roles. The pace of the class was fast enough to cover all of the primary categories of AI and ML work occurring today, but each topic was covered in enough detail to ensure the learners received a solid base of knowledge for each. Throughout the course, the program manager was always quick to clarify any doubts raised by the class.


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