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Tag: corporate

Fullerton India Aids Cattle Treatment For The Country’s Largest Cattle Care Programme

With a large percentage of the population dependent on livestock for their livelihood, Fullerton India’s Pashu Vikas Day 2019 helped create on ground cattle awareness and medical support to the rural community. This edition of Pashu Vikas Day witnessed simultaneous cattle camps being held at over 350 locations, covering 500 villages and 15 states where…

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Coca Cola’s Initiatives Promises to Replenish, Not Diminish

Coca-Cola India has undertaken multiple sustainability initiatives like Anandana, Project Unnati, Parivartan, and Support My School among others. Here’s a peek into what these projects are all about.  The planet is currently facing key sustainability challenges, including water and waste management, poor agricultural yield, among others. Recognising these challenges, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reinstated…

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