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Science exhibition on climate change in Charkhi Dadri school wins accolades

ROHTAK: In an attempt to educate people on the impact of climate change -students of Charkhi Dadri’s APeeJay school demonstrated a science exhibition on energy transformation, rain water harvesting using waste material and bio-degradable material.
The visitors during the annual function at the school were amazed to see the students of class 6th to 12th articulating about their science models developed by them in fluent English and with an appeal to make the best efforts to save the mother earth.
The smart city model developed by students of class 6th-a dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi also, using all eco-friendly resources to run the city like solar panels, rain-water harvesting, e-vehicles, won special accolades from visitors.
Pankaj Kaushik, science teacher at the school told TOI that there were 30 models during science exhibition prepared by the students on their own with little assistance by teachers from the available waste material from the school or at their home.
“It was done to boost the scientific temperament among the student fraternity so that they can understand the impact of climate change through the models of energy transformation in various forms”, Pankaj said, who teaches students of class 6th to 8th.
The main science models that attracted the ‘wow’ of visitors were rain water harvesting, working of heat, lungs and excretory system, volcanic eruption, optimal use of rain water with assistance of teachers namely Pankaj Kaushik (Science), Parveen Kumar(Physics), Pooja Dhariwal(Chemistry), Abha Gupta (Biology).
School principal Rudrendra Basak said that the aim behind organizing science exhibitions for rural students was to promote scientific temperament among them and to educate the citizenry about the importance of adopting sustainable models in the best interest of society and country.

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