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Rishi, munis could see beyond time and space: Governor

Nagpur: Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of 108Indian Science Congress (ISC), Governor BS Koshyari on Tuesday said India’s sages and seers could see beyond time and space because of their spirituality. Today, our scientists are playing the role of rishis and munis, said Koshyari, while addressing the scientific community at the Nagpur University campus.
“India is a country of rishi-muni. Who are these rishis and munis? Why are they called drashta rishis? Why are they called seers? Because they could see beyond time and space. Today, scientists like you are our rishi and muni. Our rishis and munis achieved not just worldly things but also the soul and god through their spirituality,” he said.
The governor recalled that many people pointed out to him that this is the age of artificial intelligence. “No doubt. But, Vivekanda had said India would lead the world in 21 century. On one call of PM Modi, the world embraced yoga. This shows we are moving ahead in spirituality. I am happy when I read historian Arnold Toynbee who said 21 century belongs to India and that of its spirituality,” he said.
The Maharashtra governor added that former PM Lal Bahudar Shastri gave the slogan jai jawan jai kisan while former PM Atal Behari Vajapyee added jai vigyan to the slogan. “Under Modiji, India has progressed in all sectors,” he said.
Chief minister Eknath Shinde, union minister Nitin Gadkari, minister of science and technology Jitendra Singh, deputy chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and ISC organizing committee president Vijayshree Saxena were seated on the dias.
All of them beside Koshyari referred to social reformer Savitribai Phule in their addresses while highlighting significance of women empowerment.
Gadkari said the focus is on two aspects Atmanirbhar bharat and 5 trillion economy. “Our 65% population lives in rural parts. Using sustainable technology, we will have to work for their development villages, poor labourers and farmers. Based on Jaal zameen, janwar aur jungle, we will have to increase the rural GDP,” he said.
Chief minister Eknath Shinde said women scientists are leaving their mark on challenging positions in space technology , mathematics, science etc. “I salute them on this occasion. Science and technology has taken driving position in nation’s progress and its pace increased in last 6 to 7 years. Mahashtra has remained ahead in promoting science and technology,” he said.

Leave resources for coming generation: Fadnavis

Deputy chief minister Devendra Fadanvis said if we have to achieve gender equality, sustainable development goals by 2030, then only science and technology can be the medium to realize them. “India and many countries are searching for sustainable solutions to counter the challenge of climate change. A disaster is facing our farmers, and human existence is in danger due to climate change. Is such time, it is important that we make best use of resources. We must use only resources which are needed and leave the rest for coming generations. In this context, equitable distribution can be ensured only through science and technology,” he said.
“During Covid pandemic, India not only developed a vaccine to save 125crore people but also helped other nations under the leadership of our prime minister. Technology never discriminates on the basis of caste, religion, socio-economic status of individual. It gives equal opportunity to all to progress,” said Fadnavis.

Our concerns are global, says science minister

Minister of science, technology and earth sciences Jitendra Singh said India today is a part of a global world. “Our concerns and challenges are global be it climate change, green energy or AI. It is important to move to the next level of sustainability. The country always had capability, talented and passionate minds but only a conducive atmosphere was missing which Modiji made available for us. Optimum synergy between research, academia and industry holds key,” he said.
Singh said the 108 ISC will pave way for India to emerge as model society

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