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rajya sabha: Refrain from keeping used crockery outside rooms, Rajya Sabha Secretariat tells officials as part of Swachhta Mission Week | India News

NEW DELHI: Taking a strong exception to used and soiled crockery and cutlery lying outside rooms in the Parliament House Complex, the Rajya Sabha Secretariat has issued strict guidelines to the officials to refrain from this “unhealthy practice”.
The directive comes as part of the observance of the week-long Swachhta Mission which got off to a start on Saturday.
In a circular issued by the Rajya Sabha Secretariat on October 1, the Secretariat said, “… it has also been observed that used and soiled crockery and cutlery of ITDC-Parliament House Estate Catering Unit (PHECU) is left outside the rooms of offices/branches in the corridors in the Parliament House Complex, especially after lunch hour.
“The soiled crockery and cutlery remains outside the offices and branches in the corridors for long hours giving not only a shabby look but also may lead to spread of bacteria around, which may last in the dishes for several days, leading to severe health issues amidst the ongoing pandemic,” it says.
The circular, a copy of which is in possession of TOI, further says, “Needless to mention, the leftover food in the soiled plates also attracts monkeys, rats, cats, etc. Further, it is pertinent to state that these crockery and cutlery are being used in lunches/dinners during official meetings and functions of dignitaries in the Parliament House Complex.”
The circular has sought the cooperation of the officials. It says: “All officials are requested to refrain from such unhealthy practice and inform ITDC-PHECU to collect the soiled crockery and cutlery after use in order to maintain clean workplace surroundings in the Parliament House Complex.”
It goes on to request them to obtain the services of the housekeeping company entrusted with the task of maintaining cleanliness in rooms and corridors in the Parliament House Complex.
“All officers/officials are requested to cooperate with BVG staff members in this regard and obtain their services whenever required for the upkeep of their surrounding areas.”
The Secretariat has informed the officials that Rajya Sabha secretary general Parasaram Pattabhi Kesava Ramacharyulu, who assumed office on September 1, would likely visit the branches, sections, and rooms to “gauge the enthusiasm of officers/officials in observance of Swachhta Abhiyan Saptah and adherence to the afore-cited instructions”.
The Rajya Sabha Secretariat is observing Swachhta Abhiyan Saptah from October 2 to October 9. It expects all officials to ensure cleanliness in their offices and respective surrounding areas.
“The discarded, undesired articles, items and e-waste inside the offices be weeded out by following the due process while also ensuring that any property of the branches or sections is not placed or kept outside the rooms,” it says, adding that the week-long campaign aims and strives to maintain highest standards of overall cleanliness and hygiene and each officer and staff member is a part of this cleanliness drive.

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