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How to build your academic profile when considering education abroad: Planning your internships and extracurricular activities !

here is a lot that goes into building an academic profile that will help you get into your dream university. Sure, your entrance exam scores matter, but so does your overall academic record. Thus, it is crucial to build a profile that complements your field of study. Picking the perfect internship and extracurriculars can be tough. So, here are a few pointers and how to pick the perfect internship or extracurriculars that will boost your college application!

Pursuing education abroad, especially at an Ivy League institute, is a long process and often tedious process, which requires a lot of planning. Hence, it is crucial that you start planning your academic profile well in advance, which will ultimately boost your chances of getting into your dream college. Start researching the academic profiles and educational pursuits of the alumni from your dream college. This will provide you a basic framework to start planning your academic profile. However, you must remember that it is just a framework, and not the actual requirement!

Next, it is vital to build the knowledge and skill set required in the field you want to pursue your education in. Colleges prefer candidates who possess basic work experience in their field of study. Now how do you do that? Start by gaining some practical, hands-on experience. Internships, observer ships and freelancing are a great way to do this. Let us how you can pick the correct internship from you:

1) Internships:
Interning while simultaneously pursuing your education is a big boost to your college application. It shows that you are a multi-tasker, who is capable, diligent and mature enough to enter the workforce. Pick internships that will nurture your skills and help you develop and gain new ones.

Furthermore, focus on developing qualities that allow college admissions to see you as capable of handling professional work activities. Improving on your leadership, time management and creativity.

Besides internships, extracurricular activities are the way to go. They will help you build your skills and explore your passion at the same time. Here are some pointers to consider when planning your extracurricular.

2) Extracurricular:
Colleges prefer candidates with extracurricular that can help them boost their academic performance. You can begin by brainstorming ideas for some activities, try to pick activities that you are genuinely passionate about, and explore those which genuinely pique your interests. Do not simply pick an extracurricular because it would look good on your application. Remember to strike that balance between something you are passionate about and something that will help your career. Finally, you may narrow down your list and decide on one or two activities that you like the best. You can also participate in various clubs and teams hosted by your college to explore your options. Colleges often have dedicated clubs and teams such as debate teams and various language clubs.

Lastly, you can also add to your academic profile by pursuing courses and certifications online. These are a great way to utilize your free time, as you can pursue online courses at your own pace. Try to build your brand, a ‘unique factor’ that sets you apart through your extracurricular and internships.

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