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Full Stack Developer Salary- A Complete Guide – Great Learning

Full Stack Developer Salary

Who is a Full Stack Developer?

A full-stack developer is a software developer who can work on both front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side). The demand for a full stack developer is on the rise and it will be on the rise for upcoming years. A Full stack developer is an expert of both understanding of client-side languages and server-side languages for the development. The name full-stack defines itself as having the knowledge of a complete stack. A full-stack developer has to work on any of the popular developer stacks such as Django stack, Ruby on Rails stack, MEAN stack, MERN stack, and LAMP stack. These stacks are defined below.

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So, it is necessary for the full stack developer to have complete knowledge of all the layers of any of these stacks. A full-stack developer itself plays multiple job roles in an organization which can be a client-side programmer and a back-end programmer. If a full-stack developer has more knowledge in other domains also such as security, management, and others, then he/she can be an asset to an organization. Being a full-stack developer doesn’t mean having the knowledge of HTML and CSS only, but a full-stack developer must know about programming a website, server, and managing databases.

  • Django stack: The required skills to work on this stack are- Django, Python, Javascript, and MySQL. 
  • MEAN Stack: To work on this stack, a developer needs to have complete knowledge about Angular JS, Node.js, MongoDB, Express, and Javascript.
  • MERN Stack: The skills package required for this stack includes MongoDB, Express, React.js, and Node.js
  • LAMP Stack: The required skills to work on this stack includes Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Ruby on Rails Stack: The Ruby on Rails stack includes having the proper knowledge of Ruby programming language, SQLite, PHP, and Javascript.

The salary variations for the above-discussed stacks are different as different skills are required to perform specific tasks. And each skill has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the salary packages are different for every stack developer. The various aspects affecting salary packages are as follows:

Salary package of Full Stack Developer in India : 

Whenever we talk about any job role, then the first thing that comes to our mind is the Salary. And why should it not come to our mind, it is the scale to measure the service that we give to any organization. The salary packages in India of a full stack developer can go up to at most 10,00,000/year with a starting estimated salary of 2,57,000/year. The salary packages are different for freshers, experienced, location-based, employer-based, and skill-based full-stack developers. We will briefly look into each of these later in this blog.

Salary package of Full Stack Developer abroad : 

Salary packages in countries other than India might give better packages to full-stack developer job roles. But it depends on the country because some countries are so expensive to live there and the high salary will be of no benefit because at the same time the expenses will be high. 

Estimated Salary of a Full Stack Developer : 

The estimated base salaries are given below from top employers of India. 

Tata Consultancy Services INR 5,30,000 per annum
IBM INR 7,70,000 per annum
Nuclei INR 10,81,674 per annum
Accenture INR 6,55,424 per annum
Infosys INR 5,90,000 per annum
Cognizant Technology Solutions INR 5,94,865 per annum
Wipro INR 4,67,84 per annum
Oracle INR 13,13,443 per annum
Schlumberger INR 6,00,000 per annum
POSist Technologies INR 8,40,000 per annum

As we can see clearly the highest salary for a full stack developer is given by Oracle and the minimum salary is given by Wipro. But different salary packages don’t mean choosing that company which gives a higher pay scale because the competition is high to get placed in high paying companies. Also, the work environment matters a lot. So, keep in mind while choosing your employer. 

Salary based on Experience : 

Yes, salary packages are affected by the experience. Because if you are a fresher to any company, the salary will be less or too less for any full-stack developer role because you are new to any organization and you have to groom your skills to get experience just by doing your work in that company. 

Experienced developers get more salary packages as compared to freshers because every organization needs a full-stack developer who has complete industry knowledge. But as freshers are new to the industry, that’s why they don’t get much salary in the starting stage.

Salary Based on Your Knowledge :

It is totally acceptable because your knowledge and skills affect your salary packages. More knowledge means more salary, also more knowledge will save any company’s money to hire more employees for other domains. For example, if you have knowledge about all the languages required to become a full stack developer and also you have some knowledge about new technologies and security domains as well at even a very basic level, then you might get a better salary package.

Salary based on Locations : 

Location somewhat affects the salary packages because the big tech companies are not in every city. Big companies and their headquarters are in big cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Gurugram. If your job is at a branch which is small in any of these locations, then your salary may be low when compared to the job at the main head office of the company or any other big branch of the company.

Salary Based on the selection of Company :

Different organizations provide different services and based on the services the salary package differs. Such that the salary package at Organization-one can be less or more than the salary package at Organization-two. Therefore, salary packages are different for different companies.

Salary based on proficiency of Single Skill :

A full-stack developer must know all the languages that are required at both front-end and back-end programming. Moreover, if he has proficiency in a specific language, he can get a better salary. As there are also some job roles in full stack developer like python developer, or Django developer like that. If you have mastered any specific programming language, then you can get better salary hikes. A full-stack developer doesn’t need to be a person who knows everything whether it is related to his job or other job profile as well. A full stack developer can have one or more specialized skills and can become any specialized developer.

Roles of Full Stack Developer : 

The role of a full-stack developer is to develop both the front-end and back-end of any web app or any software. Additionally, if he has some knowledge in other domains like project management, then in absence of the project manager he can be assigned that work of the project. A full-stack developer doesn’t need to be a person who knows each and everything whether it is related to his job or other job profile as well. A full-stack developer can have one or more specialized skills and can become any specialized developer. The job roles of a full stack developer are:

  • Creating the front end of the web application
  • The development of back end of the web application
  • Creating and Managing databases
  • Cross-platform optimization
  • Debugging the code
  • Making solutions to current problems using developer approach
  • Completing projects in time

Required Skills to become a Full Stack Developer

Having only the knowledge of HTML and CSS doesn’t mean you satisfied all the skill requirements to become a Full Stack Developer. There’s a lot more required to become a Full Stack Developer. Only hard skills are not required to become a successful and high-paid full-stack developer but soft skills are also required. The required skills to become a successful Full Stack Developer are:

  • Having the complete knowledge of front-end languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Proficient in at least one of the server-side languages like PHP, java, python, ruby, etc.
  • Proper knowledge of database creation and management
  • Template Generation of the actual project
  • Basic UI/UX design
  • Developing overall architecture of the application
  • Project Management Skills
  • Security information
  • Problem-solving using computational thinking
  • Proficiency in English Speaking
  • Communication skills
  • Time Management skills
  • How to talk with people in an organization

Opportunities for Full Stack Developers in India

When talking about the scope of a full stack developer in India, let’s take a real-life scenario of the previous year 2020, when lockdown happened in India due to COVID-19 and people were afraid of losing jobs and also getting their jobs lost. One of the full stack developer’s requirements increased as many organizations came online and many companies needed top-notch full-stack developers for their organization.

There’s a huge requirement in the full stack developer domain in big tech companies in India and they are ready to pay as high as possible to a top-notch full stack developer. For freshers in this field, they might be confused to choose full stack developer as their career choice because the starting salary is not that much which can meet your expectations but as you get experience in this field you will see a hike in your salary faster as compared to other jobs. 

At present time we can see the requirements are very large for a full stack developer in India as well as other countries and this requirement is going to increase in the upcoming time because whether it is a startup or any reputed business, every individual company wants to go online to increase the reach to their customers. The massive demand for this job role opens many doors to employers as well as employees.

Reasons to choose Full Stack Development as a career choice

There are several reasons to choose Full Stack Developer as a career choice. Everyone wants to become a full-stack developer but there are some important reasons to choose this as a career choice other than the salary package. And these reasons are as follows:

  • High In-Demand Job Role: The demand for full-stack developers is high nowadays and will increase in the upcoming time. When the lockdown happened in the last year due to COVID-19, most of the organizations wanted to create their online presence for better productivity and reach to the customers and other reasons for their rush towards online platforms is that their employees can do work from home. To fulfill their requirements a huge demand for full stack developers is increased and still there’s a requirement for full stack developers.

Hence it is concluded that the demand for a full stack developer is high in India and is going to increase every year.

  • Interesting Profile: The role of a full stack developer is not just to develop client-side and server-side web pages or a web application. The responsibilities are more than that which can be handling projects and dealing with clients. 
  • Easy to learn: The skills that are required to become a full-stack developer are easy to learn. The basic knowledge of the skills with having a lot of interest in web development can let you become a high-paid full stack developer.
  • High Salary Packages: As we discussed earlier that it is high in the demand job role and when something is high in demand, the prices for that thing increases. The same happens in the case of jobs, as a full stack developer role is in great demand, the salary package is also high for this job role.
  • Security: The only salary can’t be the reason to choose full stack developer as a career choice because if you have the proper knowledge, then your job is secure because no organization or company wants to lose a top-notch full stack developer. Hence, job security is there.
  • Productivity: A full stack developer being creative and having the skill of faster decision-making increases the productivity of the job.
  • Flexibility: As a full-stack developer, you have to work on multiple projects of different domains of web development. You can work for the front-end if you want or otherwise you can work on the back-end and manage databases. The job role is not limited to only these selected developments, but there is a lot more development work in full-stack development.

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