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Eight of the most awkward interview moments – Great Learning

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A job interview may be a very dismaying moment for some candidates. No matter how well you prepare yourself or make all possible plans, the complete process doesn’t need to go according to your wishes and expectations. And this happens due to some specific reasons. Either you do not greet the interviewer well, and you lose your confidence, or you feel a huge pressure, and you lose your confidence. Always remember, if you want to impress the interviewer, you have to have a lot of courage while talking face to face or even through telephone interviews.

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Here I am going to discuss the most agitated situations interviewees face while attending an interview. And the intention is you should get ready to face the situation.

Facing an interview for the first time

Almost every candidate feels awkward while going to an interview for the first time. Candidates always feel the stress of getting a job as a fresher, though freshers have very fewer chances to get a job at a reputed designation. All these situations make the candidate uncomfortable, and finally, he/she gets awkward and nervous for the interview.

How to tackle this situation?

The only solution is you must change your mindset, which will give you confidence. Be confident in your knowledge and preparation. Forget every stress you feel about your job and questions.

Derogated from previous employer or organization

If the candidate is not a fresher and seeking other good chances for working in another organization, either cause of leaving is improper, the work experience was not good, or the salary is not satisfactory, whatsoever the reason is, but if the candidate has denigrated with the previous organization or employer and new interviewer asks this question, you fall into trouble to answer this question genuinely because you do not want to express your previous bad experience and issues.

How to tackle this situation?

You must know that you should be genuine while facing an interview, so you can not lie about your past organization or work experience. Give the reason with appropriate points with an apologizing behavior by not representing your mistakes. No matter what, if you miss answering some questions, your loyalty affects your interviewer. 

Unable to answer a question

In most interviews, the situation arises where the candidate is unable to answer a particular question. Lack of knowledge can be the reason, or the interview purposely tries to make the candidate nervous to check his/ her confidence level and loyalty.

How to tackle this situation?

Never try to lie or overreact to the unknown questions if asked. Be loyal and ignore the answer with just No, or if you have some idea, try your best to comment on that particular question as much as possible.

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You go beyond the answer

Sometimes, a candidate tries to impress the interviewers with their answers. They try to answer a particular question, but while answering the question, the candidate feels that he/ she is going out of context. This moment is a very awkward moment for every candidate.

How to tackle this situation?

If you speak out of context whilst answering, you can probably lose a chance to impress the interviewer. You have two options to tackle this situation. One is you should be well prepared for each point which you are going to ask. Another is if you face such a situation, just smile and confess that you are a little out of context and give the proper answer to what the interviewer expects.

When you cram your questions/ answers

There were a bunch of candidates who wrote their studies and specified points every time. This is nothing but poison in your journey towards your success. You can neither be satisfied with your answers nor be able to convince your interviewer. If you cram your answer, your way of answering proves that you are not well prepared.

How to tackle this situation?

What you prepare should be studied with complete concentration and conceptually. You should be updated with everything related to your interview syllabus and current affairs. If you are well prepared, you never shuffle your answer, and you can get a good reaction from your interviewer.  

You’re sitting uncomfortably and you feel some glitches

The scariest part of your interview is when you feel uncomfortable. Either you are not seated properly, or suddenly you recall that your phone is not on silent mode or switched off. Even if you are sincere or not intending to disrespect your interviewer, your discomfiting situation embarrasses your interviewer, which is not good for your impression.

How to tackle this situation?

You have to do good homework on “how to present yourself for an interview?” If you get an idea, you should present yourself in a good way. You should speak in front of a mirror or tell your friend to take your interview and instead of making fun of it, do it sincerely. 

Unprepared dressing

The most important thing for the interview is your behavior and representation. If you look attractive and professional, you can easily impress your interviewer so quickly whilst answering. Few people acknowledge that your looks never matter. The thing that matters is your knowledge. Indeed their assertion is fine up to 10-20%. You are getting late, but you recall that you are not physically prepared; that moment becomes so awkward because your physical appearance affects your mental power. 

How to tackle this situation?

Always try to do all necessary work before the time. Never shift it to the end. If you get prepared before the time, you can get a good time to set yourself well. Be conscious about your work. This advice is for your studies and preparation as well. 

Your nervous face and entry

You must have heard that the first impression is the last. If you fail in the first look, the rest of the interview will go well. If you give a nervous and frown smile, the interviewer will instantly understand that you are not so confident. 

How to tackle this situation?

Always be ready to talk to anybody. As I mentioned above, speak in front of the mirror and prepare yourself. Increase your fluency in the language. The best representative of your body is your language. Those I just mentioned come under 10-20% of people who do not require the desired look. They have excellent talking style; hence their look never gets to be considered.

If you get very comfortable in the language, you can easily gain enough confidence to talk and persuade others.


What you are is unknown to the people. You have to prove yourself by showing your good skills. If you wish that your words should be considered, you have to be valuable. If you are prepared, elaborate on a relevant platform. All success is yours. You have to be well prepared for the entire task you are about to do. In addition to what I have discussed, there are many more topics besides that can be considered.


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