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Create awareness on proper management of used cooking oil — Kasa

KOTA BHARU: The Environment and Water Ministry (Kasa) has urged all companies that promote environmental sustainability to hold more awareness programmes in relation to the proper management of used cooking oil, especially at the local community level.

Its Minister Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man (pix) said the move was to increase public awareness on the practice of recycling used cooking oil.

He said the dissemination of information on the matter needed to be expanded, especially in residential areas, restaurants, night markets and school dormitory dining halls.

Tuan Ibrahim said pouring used cooking oil into the drain was becoming a global issue that could trigger various adverse effects, such as pollution and clogged drains.

He said it could also cause unpleasant odour and pose threats to public health.

“If the disposal of the cooking oil waste is not carried out in a proper manner, we (the government) will have to bear a huge cost of cleaning up and repairing the drains and the sewerage system,” he said.

He said this when virtually officiating the Eco-Community Project, a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme organised by FatHopes Energy Sdn Bhd (FatHopes Energy). — Bernama

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