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A guide on making a resume for fresher’s – Great Learning

What is a Resume?

A resume is the first point that represents you to the recruiter. This is the bridge between the recruiter and the candidate. A resume has the power to catch the recruiter’s attention within few seconds. When you are a fresher’s it solely depends on how your CV looks, so you much follow the specific direction and structure to increase your chance.  We will discuss important tips to create the best resume and how to make it professional and trendy.

What is considered to be a fresher’s resume?

A fresher’s resume is a document that focuses mostly on the ability and skills, which justify lack of experience. Most of the fresher uses functional resume format instead of common template. A functional resume is a resume that highlights your skill. 

Functional resumes are appropriate for following people

  • Fresh graduate looking for a job
  • When you are looking for a career transition, and you don’t have sufficient experience in that field
  • The significant gap in employment history

How to write a resume for freshers?

  1. Read job description – Read the job description carefully and then start drafting your resume. You must use the same keywords and the same core value mentioned in the advertisement. Using the right keyword and the same core value they are looking forward to will increase your chance of getting shortlisted for an interview. Avoid the use of slang language. This will kill your chance. Revise your resume before applying.  It’s recommended to use professional ethics of language. 
  2. Resume Headlines –  The resume for fresher should have a headline that aligns with the job you are applying for. This will highlight your skills and would distinguish you from the others. This will help the recruiter to find you the best fit for the job.
  1. Include Contact Information – The first section of the resume must include your name, address, email, mobile number. Some people also include their social media, personal blog, personal website details. If you put social media account details on your resume make sure you keep it professional. 

E.g. –

Shambhavi Sinha,

899, East street, Camp

Pune 411001

+91 9999999999

<email address>

  1. Summary Statement – The next part of the resume for freshers should be a summary that defines your personality professionally and your career goals. Why you are a right fit for this job, your knowledge, passions should resonate with the job you are applying to and how you will be as an employer.


Recently I graduated from XYZ University with a major in business management and a minor in marketing, seeking an entry-level job in a medium or large firm where I can grow to senior-level positions. Highly motivated and has earned high scores in subjects throughout college. Worked as a marketing intern for XYZ firm for 3 months.

  1. Check grammar – Wrong grammar in any professional environment is unexpected. Ensure that grammar in your resume is correct and there are no spelling errors. This creates a negative impression on the recruiter. This may impact your job prospects.
  2. Choose a skill to highlight– Choosing the right skill in resume for freshers, categorize your skill in hard and soft skills that are most relevant to being successful in the position. 


Computer skill: Expert level

Programming skill: Advance level

Communication skill: Expert level

Critical thinking and problem solving: Advance level

  1. Highlight education, training, and certification – Highlight the most relevant training and certification you have achieved. This could include major and minor subjects. Highlights the courses you have completed during college, any professional training, or internship if you have done any. If you have achieved any scholarships, exceptional grades highlight in this section.
  1. Structured resume format for fresher – Fresher resume does not consist of too much work experience or professional skills. Hence, a smart approach is required. Follow a proper structure that gives details about your education, technical skills, achievements, certification, internship, etc.
  1. Relevant Work experience- The relevant work experience includes an internship, volunteer work, educational project or relevant project, course work that provides proper evidence of your skill and knowledge. This section will include the name of the experience, project, and description of these relevant experiences. 


As a content marketing intern for Great Learning, it was my responsibility to work with freelancers, assign them content, coordinate with the team, and get work done on time. This experience taught me how to deal with professional people.  This also taught me how to get the job done before the deadline. I had the responsibility of checking content, copyright and pass the work for quality assurance. I learned new trends in marketing and business.  

  1. Read your resume out loud – You can read your resume out loud in front of friends, family members. This will help you find spelling or grammar errors. This will check for inconsistencies and ensures your resume highlights the features a company is expecting for this position.

Additional tips for writing fresher’s resumes

  • Include interest and hobbies properly: You can include interests and hobbies relevant to the position or if you have received any special recognition as this shows special dedication and work ethics.
  • Keep your resume short and point to point: One page is enough to include relevant information. No one likes reading a 2-3 pages resume. Cut short and highlight what is required. 
  • Highlight your willingness to learn: Showcase your marks, certificates, and exceptional grades, which highlight your dedication and will make you stand out from all other resumes. 
  • Miscellaneous section: Add this section only if you know multiple languages and are proficient in that field. You can add this section if the job description specifies anything which looks relevant adding section. Also, if you have full room space in your resume, only then add this section.

The best resume for fresher has been well collected and placed before readers. We hope we have given enough insight which will help you build your resume. It needs to have a unique effect. We tried to mention every little detail about resume building. We hope this will help you build a best-suited resume for the job role. 

You can there after explore professional courses designed and delivered by industry experts.

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