Delhi’s ‘Baansera’ gets musical fountain, summit-level convention hall in offing

A musical fountain equipped with dynamic LED lighting system at Delhi’s first bamboo theme park was inaugurated on Friday by Lt Governor V K Saxena who said a convention hall that can hold summit-level meetings will also come up in ‘Baansera’.

A restaurant and other public convenience structures are also being built on its sprawling campus, which will be completed by next month, the Delhi Lt Governor (LG) told reporters after unveiling a plaque at the upcoming park — ‘Baansera’ — to mark the inauguration of the fountain.

One year ago, this site was a place of construction and demolition (C&D) waste where it was even difficult to come, Saxena said, adding it has now been transformed.

“Around 28 acres (of land) was reclaimed, and nearly 30,000 different species of bamboo have been planted here. The DDA (Delhi Development Authority) has made it in six to seven months, and now it has become a place where big events can be hosted,” he said.

A convention hall is also being built on the campus of ‘Baansera’, and “construction will begin in October, where summit-level meetings can also be hosted, it will be made of that level,” he added.

“This space you see, Yamuna flowing behind, it is a very beautiful place, and the people of Delhi will find relaxation here,” the LG said.

The park, a first-of-its-kind initiative in the city, has been named ‘Baansera’ as derived from the Hindi word ‘Basera’ meaning abode.

The project aims at enhancing the ecological character of the Yamuna floodplains and make it attractive as a recreational and cultural venue. Work is currently underway to build ‘Baansera’ and the project is being executed by the DDA.

Saxena had laid its foundation stone in August last year.

The LG after inaugurating the fountain enjoyed a show of musical fountain, as water jets danced to the tunes of songs such as ‘Rang de Basanti’.

The fountain has been set up in a revived water body spread over 2 ha. The fountains’ grid is 90 m long and 10 m wide and is covered by nine different water features. The central column can spray water jets up to a height of 15 m, officials said.

Funding for the fountain was provided by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) under its corporate social responsibility programme, the DDA said.

Delhi Chief Secretary Naresh Kumar, Delhi Municipal Commissioner Gyanesh Bharti, DMRC chief Vikas Kumar, DDA Vice Chairman Subhasish Panda and many other senior officials of the DDA were among those present on the occasion.

“The DMRC was happy to extend all possible cooperation in making this project successful. The installation of the musical fountain will also improve the aesthetics of the place and help in further beautifying the national capital,” a Delhi Metro spokesperson told PTI.

The LG said a new place of entertainment has been added in Delhi and the city needs many such places. “And, it is DDA and our policy to give more such places to the city,” Saxena told reporters.  “In the coming time also, we are going to do some programmes and do more projects. I can say that very soon, for the people of Delhi, better places which people of Delhi deserve, where they can relax with family, spend evenings, such places are being developed more, and very soon these will be inaugurated,” he added.

The restaurant and public conveniences being built will be completed by next month. ‘Baansera’ will be a place where 1,000-2,000 people can come and sit, eat and enjoy, Saxena said. “Gradually, we will keep gifting Delhi such places,” he said.

A senior official said about 100 people can dine in the upcoming restaurant.

To begin with, two musical fountain shows — at 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM — will be held from Tuesday to Sunday every week on paying a nominal fee, the DDA said in a statement, adding that entry will be free for children, aged up to 10, and schoolchildren accompanied by parents, teachers or guardians.

A senior official of the DDA said that “we will try to do it a bit early after sunset”, adding the fee would Rs 50 per visitor.

A stainless steel installation depicting the crescent moon has also been installed on the campus, with officials pegging its weight at 1.4 tonnes.

More than 25,000 special variety of bamboo saplings, brought from Assam, are being planted here. It will achieve the purpose of augmenting the much-needed public spaces in the national capital as well as ensure that the rich biodiversity of the floodplain is preserved and maintained, the DDA had earlier said. 

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