Assam: OIL bags national award for TV serial ‘Kuwoli’

DIBRUGARH: Oil India Limited (OIL) bagged the National Award for Excellence in CSR & Sustainability under the category – Corporate & Business Communication (Campaign & Sectoral Communication) for its groundbreaking TV serial ‘Kuwoli’, at an event held on September 15 in Bengaluru.

The award was received by Ranjan Goswami, CGM (Corporate PR), and Jayant Bormudoi, Senior Manager (CC), on behalf of OIL. The award was ceremoniously handed over to Atindra Roychoudhury, RCE OIL, in the presence of Anfor Ali Haque, ED (Production) in the office chamber of RCE on Thursday.

‘Kuwoli’ is an innovative and captivating 10-episode TV serial, presented by Oil India Limited, designed to raise awareness among the stakeholders about the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and initiatives undertaken by OIL. It was aired in June 2022, in a popular regional entertainment TV channel of Assam. Directed by National Award-winning director Jadumoni Dutta, ‘Kuwoli’ is not just a TV serial, it is compassionate story-telling. It demonstrates Oil India Limited’s commitment to transparency, community well-being, and the power of shared narratives.

Women empowerment, family and social values, zeal for sustainable employment generation, the socio-cultural heritage of Assam, bonhomie between local communities and Oil Indians, respect for OIL’s properties as public assets etc. are some of the core focus points of the 10-episode serial which is the first-of-its-kind as a new genre on satellite television. The series sets an innovative benchmark for effective corporate communication that resonates on emotional and actionable levels.

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