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New Delhi [India], July 28: In an ever-evolving and dynamic global landscape, the impetus for paradigm-shifting transformation resides within the visionary leaders imbued with the fortitude and prescience to revolutionize the landscapes of their respective industries. These avant-garde trailblazers serve as beacons of inspiration, heralding novel benchmarks and engendering a trajectory towards a more auspicious future.

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Nilesh Tripathi, Director of

A trailblazer who transitioned from various roles in IT companies to the visionary founder of Fueled by the desire to revolutionize events, Nilesh pioneered the digital transformation of event invitations. His unwavering vision sought to reimagine the way events connect and celebrate through technology. Today, stands tall, serving in 30+ global cities and orchestrating over 1000 events annually. With unrivaled product offerings and services, the company has earned four prestigious awards.

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Deepakraj Murarilal Lala, Chartered Accountant and Founder of Deepak Lala & Company

With 25 plus years of rich experience in his professional field, Deepakraj Lala has been focusing on the business growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). He has been writing articles and speaking at various Forums. He was recently recognised by Award for outstanding contribution as Chartered Accountant for MSMEs by World Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME). He is in the process of writing a book on MSMEs. He has been rendering community service through Rotary International. He is a Recipient of Best Rotarian Award and Avenues of Service Award for his valuable contribution.

Saurabh Rane, Director of Chhabi Electricals

Saurabh Rane is a reputable business professional with high levels of expertise in the field of engineering & entrepreneurship. He is innovative, driven, strategic, who is third generation entrepreneur of the family business led Chhabi Electricals. He is able to adapt to changing trends in the field of electrical industry which has helped Chhabi Electricals, pioneer in battery charging equipment to transform their product portfolio from Industrial battery charger to current state of the art AC & DC EV chargers. As the technological landscapes got updated or demand changed, Chhabi electricals was in the best position to respond appropriately and offer valuable solutions to market with help of Mr Rane’s guidance and vision. Using his experience of working in a conglomerate like Bosch where his career began, the Chhabi has changed its course and is on the rise in the Green energy sector.

Chandni Dey, CEO of AIT Smart Automation

Chandni Dey, a rising businesswoman, has made her mark in the home automation industry with a strong educational background and entrepreneurial spirit. Holding a master degree from the International University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, Germany, she founded AIT smart automation a company  that focused on sales and business development in Asia and Europe. As the CEO, Dey has faced various challenges, from building teams which aligned with her vision for managing multiple tasks like sales, presales, marketing and solutions, dealing with employee shortage and rebuilding teams has also tested her resilience, however Dey remains determined and motivated, maintaining a positive mind set, and striving for excellence in pursuit of success.

Harsha Saxena, Founder and Managing Director of IICSR Group

A  first-generation woman entrepreneur who bootstrapped her way to follow her passion and build her venture. Education in engineering and management is all Harsha had raised by a single mother and a passion for developing a sustainable world for the future. She founded IICSR Group after returning from the USA with an intent to serve the country and take it on the chart of sustainable development. When the group was formed in 2010 the CSR Laws didn’t exist in the country and even after it was introduced, CSR was done in a philanthropic way. Over the period of 13 years, it has evolved, redefined and branched out to several other verticals of which knowledge is skewed especially in India. She foresaw the need a decade ago

and now is leading the knowledge domain to develop sustainable business practices in India Inc.and Government. IICSR has trained 10,000+ corporate executives from across the SAARC region and established its eco-friendly campus in the scenic beauty of Goa. She was often asked, would you teach them how to give the cheque? To now “How to align our company with ESG, CSR and Sustainable development for International growth.”

Indrajit Shinde, Director of Aksentt Tech.

Having a strong background in information and communication technology, coupled with experience in senior management positions, Indrajit Shinde appears to be well-equipped to lead and innovate within the IT and Telecom sectors. His involvement in architecting and managing large telecom infrastructure deployment projects post the sector’s privatization indicates a deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities. Under his inspiring leadership, Aksentt Tech has witnessed significant growth and today is considered one of the leading organizations that delivers industry-specific solutions which include Information & Communication Technology Services, Geo Spatial solutions, Cyber Security and Technical Resource Outsourcing.

Dr. Santosh Saklecha, Rheumatologist and Director of Santosh Hospitals and Ghar Pe diagnostics

Dr. Santosh Saklecha rheumatologist & the Director at Santosh Hospital Santosh Hospital has been in existence for more than four decades in Bangalore City, and has participated and done more than 25 clinical trials in surgery, OBG, medicine rheumatology etc. India has more than 138 million people who are above the age of 65 and have difficulty in coming to the hospitals and diagnostic, This made us think that we should help them to solve this problem and hence this was the birth of Ghar Pe Diagnostic “. Dr. Santosh Saklecha is part of private hospital association in Karnataka and works in the capacity of joint secretary. In addition, this also helps NABH in conducting assessments for the various hospitals be it full NABH or entry-level NABH.

Captain Preetham Madhukar, Elite Performance Coach and Founder of Skills Beyond Education

In a world of dreams and aspirations, it takes the strongest kind of WILL to guide others towards realizing one’s full potential and helping them create the future they want. Captain Preetham Madhukar, an Elite Performance Coach, Former Sea Captain, Author of ‘3 Culprits: Laziness, Fear and Doubt’ and Founder of Skills Beyond Education has an unwavering dedication to personal growth and guiding others towards realizing their full potential. His vision is to foster elite performing entrepreneurs, executives, athletes, artists and students and to inspire a billion individuals to reach for their dreams, unlock their true potential to become creators of their future.

Rajpurohit Ganpat, Founder at GR8 Offices

GR8 Offices was founded by visionary entrepreneur Rajpurohit Ganpat in January 2020.  Rajpurohit is an inspiring and innovative figure in the co-working space industry. GR8 Offices is an innovative online platform for booking coworking spaces. Rajpurohit has facilitated over 7,000+ coworking seats and collaborated with 10,000 coworking spaces across India. His expertise has benefited prestigious clients such as Times of India, Zee, Unicorn startups, and 1000+ Small Startups, assisting them in finding t ideal co-working spaces. Rajpurohit’s vision extends to creating an ecosystem that fosters growth for idea-stage startups. His contributions continue to shape the industry positively.

Vishal Bhardwaj, MD and Founder of Promax and PLugUp

Vishal Bhardwaj embarked on his journey as an Electrical & Communication Engineer in 2003 and recognized the need for transformative change in the industry. In 2005, he founded his own electrical company, driven by a passion to create sustainable and environmentally friendly electric products, including Fast EV (Electrical Vehicle) chargers in India. Under the “PLugUp” brand Vishal’s efforts were dedicated to preserving the environment and promoting sustainability. With remarkable dedication, he achieved a significant milestone by successfully launching the initial public offering (IPO) for Promax Power Ltd, showcasing his entrepreneurial prowess and leadership in the field.

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