From Rangwala to Berger Paints: An inspiring tale of Sikh entrepreneurs

Amritsar: Kuldip Singh and Gurbachan Singh Dhingra, born into the Rangwala family, revolutionised India’s paint industry by transitioning their business from door-to-door paint sales to industrial-scale manufacturing in the 1960s.

They led the acquisition of British paint company, Berger Paints, in 1991, elevating their business to a global scale and increasing their market presence significantly. Following the acquisition, the brothers integrated innovative marketing strategies, focusing on expanding their customer base and offering high-quality, affordable products, fostering immense brand loyalty across India.

Despite industry challenges and competition, they maintained Berger Paints’ position as the second-largest paint company in India, demonstrating strategic leadership and savvy business acumen.

Their philanthropic activities, including educational scholarships and healthcare initiatives, underscore their commitment to corporate social responsibility, earning them respect beyond their commercial success.

Sikh entrepreneurs still use their faith and culture as a compass to get about in the corporate world. Their community, traditions, and persistent dedication to moral and honest business conduct give them strength. It is crucial that their success stories are shared and that their contributions to business culture are appreciated.

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