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Guwahati/IBNS: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has revealed a comprehensive roadmap aimed at integrating farmers into India’s thriving furniture industry towards elevating farmers’ income and fortifying the state’s economy.

Recognizing Assam’s advantageous agro-climatic conditions and hardworking workforce as a solid foundation for large-scale commercial plantations, the strategic initiatives outlined in the roadmap seek to empower farmers and tap into the growing demand for furniture products, Northeast Today.

By diversifying their income sources and actively participating in the furniture sector, Assam’s farmers are poised to benefit from increased economic opportunities.

CM Sarma, in a Facebook post on Saturday, underscored the government’s proactive approach, affirming its commitment to supporting agricultural growth and rural development, thereby paving the way for a prosperous future for Assam’s farmers and the overall state economy.

Significantly, Assam is prioritizing the adoption of commercial forestry, particularly in the timber sector, as a means to augment farmers’ income and boost the state’s economy.

The transformation is being facilitated through the amendment of The Tree Outside Forest Rules and Wood Based Industry Rules, a momentous development after a gap of 22 years.

To spearhead this initiative, the Assam Agroforestry Development Board (AADB) has been established, setting a precedent in the region. The shift towards wood-based industries will unfold through a series of strategic measures.

Under the Amrit Vriksha Andolan, a remarkable endeavor is set to witness the simultaneous planting of one crore saplings on October 2, 2023, across the state.

Monetary incentives will be provided to nurture these saplings for a minimum of three years. An “Awareness Rath” will be launched to ensure widespread awareness, with central and district-level events and engagement at the Gaon Panchayat level, transforming this into a Jan Andolan, a people’s movement.

Assam intends to leverage its CM’s Institutional Plantation program and the “One District, One Product” approach to drive the adoption of wood-based industries.

Furthermore, tea gardens will be encouraged to embrace commercial plantations, while corporate entities will be urged to contribute under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, supporting the state’s efforts and aiding in the accumulation of carbon credits.

This collective effort aims to foster a resilient economy, a robust ecological framework, and remarkable entrepreneurial opportunities in Assam. By bringing together all stakeholders, the state is paving the way for sustainable growth and development, enhancing farmers’ livelihoods, and ensuring a greener future.

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