Giverly Launches Innovative Prepaid Card, Revolutionizing Charitable Giving.

Gurugram, July 5, 2023.  Giverly, a social impact fintech startup, has partnered with Transcorp International and Visa to launch prepaid cards that merge shopping with charitable giving. These cards offer discounts and convert everyday spending into meaningful donations for pressing social issues. Giverly also provides corporations with an employee benefits solution, enabling them to distribute incentives and bonuses directly to employees’ Giverly cards, promoting a culture of giving within organizations.

Sagar Menon, Founder & CEO of Giverly, expressed his excitement about the launch, stating, “Imagine a world where consumers, charities, and brands come together to make the world a better place. Giverly seeks to turn this vision into reality, with the support of Transcorp and Visa. By partnering with these esteemed industry leaders, Giverly ensures that a portion of every transaction goes towards the betterment of society.”

Manvi Mehra, Founder & CBO of Giverly, emphasized their aim to create a platform that promotes effortless, transparent, and cost-free donations. She remarked, “With just 10,000 users transacting through Giverly cards, we will be able to feed 50,000 people, prevent 4,000 maternal deaths, and support 2,000 destitute elderly people within the first quarter alone.”

Ayan Agarwal, CEO of Transcorp, expressed their deep-rooted commitment to social impact and community service. Agarwal hailed the Giverly card as an altruistic game-changer, being the first of its kind in India. He also highlighted its potential use by corporates as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets, leveraging Transcorp’s expertise in co-brand PPI partnerships.

Sujai Raina, Head of Business Development, India at Visa, lauded the partnership and its potential to create lasting change. Raina remarked, “At Visa, we believe in empowering people with safe and convenient payment solutions. By enabling Visa cardholders to give back to their favorite charities through card-linked benefits, we are excited to support this innovative approach to social impact and drive positive change in communities across India.”

Tarun Nazare, CEO & Co-Founder of Neokred, expressed his pleasure in collaborating with Giverly. He praised the concept of using a payment instrument to give back to the community, emphasizing its life-changing potential for every charity organization.

With Giverly leading the charge, the landscape of charitable giving is set to transform, as consumers can now make a tangible impact simply.

About Giverly:

Founded in 2019, Giverly has been a pioneer in the social impact space, having introduced a range of innovative technology products that convert everyday spending into free and meaningful donations towards social causes. The Start-up first established its operations in Australia as a Charity Cashback platform during the COVID-19 Pandemic, helping a number of Charities in raising the necessary funds to survive and carry out their operation, before finally setting up operations in India and entering the Social impact fin-tech space.

Backed by India Accelerator, Giverly is a new-age fintech lifestyle company with a vision of making the world a better place, one transaction at a time. Giverly aims to make charitable contributions an indispensable part of every monetary transaction across the globe.


About Transcorp International Limited:

Transcorp International Limited is a 29-year-old Reserve Bank of India regulated entity, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with 25 offices nationwide. The company offers a host of financial services including Foreign Exchange and Remittances as an Authorised Dealer Category II license holder. The company runs close to 1000 State Bank of India outlets across India and8 also operates a 39 year old travel agency: Ritco Travels. Transcorp, one of India’s first perpetual PPI license holders, empowered by RBI’s progressive policies has pioneered and democratised payment cards and UPI in India with its marquee fintech partners. The company was the first non-Bank to launch network cards in India, UPI on PPI, wearable payment devices, and has recently crossed the milestone of two million PPIs issued. Transcorp PPI continues to have a laser focus on financial inclusion, B2B partnerships and works closely with its partners to achieve their fintech goals in a compliant and curated manner. Transcorp group’s founders run various social impact institutions including Indian Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR) and Bhoruka Charitable Trust (BCT).


About Neokred:

Neokred is a payments infrastructure enabler which helps brands launch their banking products in a seamless manner. It serves its technologies more than 3 licensed banks, 230 co-operative banks, 106 brands across industries, 1.6 lakh MSMEs and 3 international markets. With over $3 billion in gross transaction value processed, Neokred also white labels its product solution to potential brands across sectors. Neokred partners with various regulated entities and creates a middleware platform with a low code plugin that can be used by any brand to launch their likeable fintech product such as cards, accounts, credit, etc.


First Published: Jul 06 2023 | 1:34 PM IST

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