Logistics Heavyweights 2023 : Cathay Cargo

The Expanding cargo division of Cathay Pacific Group – Cathay Cargo touts its support to the last-mile industry

Cathay Cargo, the Cathay Pacific Group’s cargo division, supports the last-mile delivery landscape by implementing advanced digital innovations that drive efficiency from the offset. With a focus on integrating state-of-the-art technology and refining operational processes, the leading cargo services provider sets new benchmarks for convenience and sustainability in end-to-end cargo operations.

Undergoing a transformative rebranding earlier this year, Cathay Cargo has introduced a range of digital advancements to streamline product transportation, making significant contributions to trade across the Cathay network and beyond. With an extensive fleet of over 200 aircraft, Cathay Cargo provides world-class air cargo services, offering direct shipping to more than 70 destinations worldwide.

Implementing the new technological innovations is poised to serve as a game-changer for the cargo industry. It indirectly supports the fast-evolving last-mile delivery business, allowing more efficient and reliable deliveries in the final leg of the supply chain.

Vishnu Rajendran, Area Manager Middle East at Cathay Pacific, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s digital transformation and its impact on the logistics landscape. He said, “We are thrilled to be at the forefront of pioneering efforts in the cargo industry through our digital innovations, which results in support for our last-mile delivery partners. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and refining our operational processes, Cathay Cargo is revolutionising air cargo solutions’ convenience, efficiency, and sustainability. This includes the transportation of goods such as animals, pharmaceuticals, secure items, and dangerous goods to major cities worldwide.

“By embracing technology and data-driven solutions, the company has achieved enhanced operational efficiency, increased transparency, and improved customer satisfaction, setting new standards in the industry,” he added.

Vishnu further emphasised the company’s commitment to embracing digital tools and their benefits, adding, “While introducing new digital solutions may present initial challenges, we firmly believe that the positive outcomes outweigh any adjustments required. We invest significant time and resources to ensure a seamless transition, providing comprehensive employee training. We foster a culture of innovation through these digital innovations, ultimately delivering exceptional customer service.”

One notable addition to Cathay Cargo’s recent digitalisation efforts is the Click & Ship platform. The user-friendly tool prioritises customers’ needs by enabling them to book shipments effortlessly in three simple steps: accessing price and space availability information, making their booking, and receiving instant confirmation. The platform has received accolades from customers in India, affirming its effectiveness, and Cathay Cargo actively promotes its utilisation among its clientele.

Cathay Cargo has also implemented the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) ONE Record initiative in Hong Kong. This data-sharing standard initiative aims to create a single record view of the shipment. The implementation builds on the success of the e-AWB (Electronic Air Waybill). This critical air cargo document serves as the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier, which is the airline.

Cathay Cargo establishes a Virtual Shipment Record for all shipments with the ONE Record initiative. This ensures end-to-end transparency as consignments move through multiple stages in the air cargo chain. The ONE Record initiative also includes emissions information, crucial for corporate social responsibility reporting. The addition allows Cathay Cargo to track and report emissions data related to the transported shipments, further enhancing their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Pioneering the use of blockchain technology in cargo operations and staying at the forefront of the global trend, Cathay Cargo has introduced a blockchain-enabled ULD (Unit Load Device). The industry-first implementation ensures secure and tamper-proof documentation of custody transfers, enhancing data integrity and reducing risks.

Cathay Cargo also offers Ultra Track, a multi-dimensional track-and-trace service that provides customers with near-real-time information on the airport-to-airport leg of their shipment journey. Leveraging low-energy Bluetooth data loggers, Ultra Track offers 24/7 support and is particularly well-suited for pharmaceutical and perishable shipments. Tracked metrics include Cargo iQ Milestones, GPS location, temperature, and humidity, which can be expanded to light and vibration.

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