Hyundai’s ‘Sports Lab’ to offer sports training to 2,000 underprivileged Punjab children

The corporate social responsibility arm of Hyundai Motor Friday launched a ‘Sports-Lab’ project for students from lesser privileged backgrounds at Bathinda in Punjab. Under the project, 2,000 students will be trained as budding athletes, said Puneet Anand, Hyundai Motor AVP and vertical head of corporate affairs.

Anand said that the project aims to create heightened awareness about the benefits of sports and fitness in day-to-day life and provides options to those wanting to take up sports professionally. Under the programme, 2,000 students from 20 government schools from Bathinda and Ferozepur districts will be trained in various sports disciplines to take up sports for leisure, at amateur levels or professionally as per their aptitude and interest, he said.

Launched by the company’s CSR arm Hyundai Motor India Foundation, ‘Sports-Lab’ will provide physical and theoretical training to students from Class 5 to Class 8, said Anand.

Sports camps and counselling programmes for students and their parents will be organised after school hours to provide insight into the various ways that sports can contribute to the overall development of students, including physical and mental health and future career options, Anand said.

For the talented students who want to graduate to professional sports, Hyundai through its partner Roots Foundation will connect them to regional sports academies, he said.

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