Meet Aunkita Nandi, Kolkata woman who made Rs 100 crore business from 2 rented computers without IIT, IIM degree

Aunkita Nandi: The headquarters of her company are in Indiana, USA. They also have an office in Kolkata.

Aunkita Nandi’s story is very interesting. She is the co-founder and managing director of a Kolkata-based company, Tier 5. Her company, founded in 2015 by her and her American husband, makes innovative and user-friendly products for other businesses. Aunkita Nandi currently has an office in Kolkata’s Salt Lake with hundreds of employees. However, their beginnings were humble.

Nandi comes from Bengal’s Burdwan district. She is from a middle-class family. Her father is a government employee. Even as a child, she wanted to make her own company. She started making software in college. She did her engineering from an engineering college in her hometown. She founded the company in 2015 with Jin Vaughn.

The company now has over 1500 customers.

The headquarters of her company are in Indiana, USA. They also have an office in Kolkata. They offer 25 software products.

She also leads the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) wing.

She has won several accolades over her 8-year-old career.

She studied in a Bengali medium school. She later did her engineering in computer science from the University Institute of Technology.

She and her friends made several Android applications in college and sold them only. This is how she thought about becoming an entrepreneur.

She met Jon Vaughn through a dating app. He was a software engineer in Florida. He visited India when they met via Tinder. They got married in 2021. However, their business union was sealed in 2015.

Their company offers a subscription-based model where other businesses can buy their softwares and benefit, at a fee.

The company was valued 12 million dollars in 2021, which is around Rs 100 crore now. They also had revenue of over 9 crore. However, when the company started, 2 had only 2 rented computers, one developer and one HR executive.

The company now has over 100 employees.

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