Dharmendra Pradhan unveils digital version of Employability Skills Curriculum for students enrolled in ITIs

The Union Minister of Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Dharmendra Pradhan unveiled the digital version of the Employability Skills curriculum for students enrolled in India’s Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) at the Future Skills Forum in New Delhi today. The Future Skills Forum – is an initiative of the Future Right Skills Network (FRSN) a collaborative effort by QUEST Alliance, Accenture, Cisco, and J.P. Morgan. It brings together government skills training institutions, civil society organisations, industry and corporate social responsibility partners to help young people acquire critical skills for the future.

Addressing on the occasion, Pradhan spoke about the transformative power of skilling in boosting employability, shaping India’s future and preparing a 21st century workforce. He said that the next quarter of the century when India will be completing its 100 years of independence, the country will be the largest economy.

The digital lessons include modules on financial and digital literacy, diversity and inclusion, career development, goal setting and entrepreneurship. These are drawn from the upgraded ES curriculum which was launched by the MSDE in September 2022.

Aimed at fulfilling the need for anytime, anywhere learning, these modules will be accessible to more than 2.5 million learners through the Government of India’s Bharat Skills Portal as well as other platforms. Developed with active industry contribution, the curriculum includes 12 modules in a bite-sized, gamified format and each lesson is followed by assessments that is designed to help learners assess the depth of their learning. The storytelling approach followed in the modules provides learners with relatable scenarios that they can apply to real-world situations. The constructive feedback system ensures that learners receive feedback that is specific, timely, actionable thus enabling improved learning outcomes.

The digital lessons will be instrumental in introducing innovative pedagogical models like blended learning in Industrial Training Institutes (ITI), which will empower educators to create and lead 21st century classrooms.

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