Miss Universe India New Face for Huliot India

Apr 05, 2023 12:38 IST

New Delhi [India], April 5 (ANI/Atlantis Media): Divita Rai, Miss Universe India says, “I am thrilled to be the New Face Huliot India pipes being India’s only certified green pipe which is the pioneer in the Indian pipe & drainage industry who made developers & MEP consultants move from traditional pvc pipes to PPP.
The pipes are 100 per cent recyclable, UV resistant, Acoustic, leakproof, withstand extreme temperatures and are durable for decades.
Israel is known for its innovation, technology and engineering and Huliot India produces all its pipes at the Vadodara factory and with its large distribution network across the country has made remarkable progress with promoting green pipes.

Miki Kedem, CEO Huliot india said, ” Divita being an Architect and is the epitome of beauty who connects with our brand philosophy. She has a unique style and personality which has made our campaign stand out in the piping industry.
Divita does many CSR activities which resonate well with the brand association. Huliot Cares will be supporting all her CSR Projects.
This story is provided by Atlantis Media. ANI will not be responsible for the content of the article. (ANI / Atlantis Media)

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