T-Works signs pact with Qualcomm to set up unique multilayer PCB

Hyderabad: T-Works, India’s largest prototype centre, has agreed to establish a unique multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication facility at T-Works.

This facility will help with the quick manufacture of up to 12-layer boards, which will speed up electrical device prototypes and development. The building will also host educational and training programmes for students and professionals.

Qualcomm India is assisting with the endeavour as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy. Electronic boards have been a vital part of goods for decades, and an excellent PCB prototype is required to get from product concept to validation, a press note said.

At the moment, it takes a PCB manufacturer about 1 to 15 days to create an electronics board at specific minimum order quantities, and first-time entrepreneurs may struggle even more to locate a suitable manufacturer for their needs. The press release said that T-Works’ innovative multilayer Printed Circuit Board (PCB) fabrication facility will provide consumers with high-quality PCBs in low numbers within a day.

This new facility will help with the development of a variety of items, including electric cars, medical gadgets, industrial automation products, consumer electronics, and others. T-Works will enable innovators to design, create, assemble, and test their electrical devices all under one roof. This will significantly reduce the cost, time, and complexity of product invention.

“We are making Telangana, and indeed India, the preferred manufacturing destination for electronics. Electronics is at the heart of modern technology and the PCB prototyping facility will enable entrepreneurs to build high-tech products, allowing global brands to be launched from India,” T-Works CEO Sujai Karampuri said.

Commenting on the collaboration, Qualcomm India Private Limited Vice President Engineering Shashi Reddy stated that the Telangana government had made significant strides in the form of T-Works to democratise access to high-end tools and expertise.

“This shows their commitment to making India a leader in product innovation with Hyderabad at its epicentre,” he said.

“We are extremely happy to collaborate with T-Works for this pioneering project. As a leading technology company, we understand the need for such facilities to drive innovation.” Shashi Reddy added.

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