Property firm Hardies marks record year with tree planting mission

Hardies Property & Construction Consultants is planting 1,552 trees in recognition of the record number of instructions it notched up last year.

The new mission is part of the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts, as well as its commitment to offset its carbon emissions as it pursues a net-zero ambition.

Its planting programme, in association with the global environmental campaign More Trees, is expected to sequester about 460 tons of CO2 – equivalent to more than 1,13 million miles in a standard car.

This decision seemed a natural action to take in this, our 110th anniversary year.”

Hardies senior partner Danny McArthur said: “Recent years have seen us work extensively across the UK and, as a result, we decided to enhance our corporate social responsibility plan to plant one tree for each new instruction received in a bid to offset our carbon generation.

“While we offer many construction and property-related services throughout the length and breadth of the country, this decision seemed a natural action to take in this, our 110th anniversary year.”

It is all the more fitting “in light of our energy assessment department becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing teams in this area,” Mr McArthur added.

Hardies senior partner Danny McArthur. Image: Liquorice Media

Hardies’ energy assessment arm provides clients with a range of appraisals, audits and action plans, alongside “targeted cost-effective advice” on how to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions as firms strive to meet their own net-zero ambitions.

Hardies’ initiative will support More Trees’ carbon offsetting projects in Mexico, Eritrea, Brazil, and India, where pre-vetted projects are under way to compensate greenhouse gas emissions made elsewhere.

The firm plans to continue planting trees every year in line with the number of instructions received from clients.

Aberdeen expansion

Hardies grew its business last year through the acquisition of 137-year-old Aberdeen firm BDG Thomson Gray – thought to be one of the oldest quantity surveying practices in Scotland.

Hardies and sister firm Shepherd Chartered Surveyors boast a total of more than 40 offices throughout the UK.

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[Property firm Hardies marks record year with tree planting mission]


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