Water Scarcity Spurs Indian Entrepreneurs to Embrace Conservation as Top Priority

Indian Businesses Take Up Water Conservation as Key Focus Amidst Growing Concerns

A group of innovative entrepreneurs has been working on developing sustainable and innovative water solutions to deal with this crisis

Water conservation has become a prime business focus for Indian entrepreneurs, going beyond just corporate social responsibility initiatives. This new approach is driven by a growing awareness of the importance of water conservation and the need to protect our planet’s natural resources.

Three leading examples of this trend are Kent RO Systems Limited, Tumble dry Laundromat, and U Clean Laundromat. Each of these companies has taken significant steps to conserve water and reduce their impact on the environment.

In India, water has always been a precious resource, but in recent years, the country has been facing a water crisis due to a combination of factors like climate change, urbanization, and population growth. In response to this, a group of innovative entrepreneurs has been working on developing sustainable and innovative water solutions to deal with this crisis.

They are making a real difference in addressing the country’s water woes and creating a better future for generations to come. Kent RO Systems Limited, has invented zero water wastage technology. This innovative technology ensures that no water is wasted during the filtration process, reducing the amount of water required for purification. This has helped to conserve millions of litres of water, making it a game-changer in the water conservation industry.

“The true wealth of a nation lies not in its economic prosperity, but in its ability to sustainably manage and utilize its precious natural resources. As a responsible citizen, it is our responsibility to act as guardians of our water sources, and to cultivate a culture of mindfulness and conservation to combat the growing concern of water wastage. Let us come together to protect this finite resource, and secure a brighter, more sustainable future for all,” says Dr Mahesh Gupta, CMD, KENT RO.

Tumbledry Laundromat has also made water conservation a top priority. They have switched to environment-friendly chemicals and use washing machines that consume 50% less water than regular machines. This has helped the company save millions of litres of water while also reducing their carbon footprint.

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“We believe that water is not just a resource, but a responsibility. As a business, it’s our duty to conserve water and reduce our impact on the environment. By switching to eco-friendly chemicals and using water-efficient machines, we have not only saved millions of litres of water but have also shown that sustainability can be profitable. On this World Water Day, let’s pledge to use water wisely and ensure that every drop counts,” says Gaurav Nigam, CEO & Founder, TumbleDry.

Another laundromat store startup, U Clean, has helped India save at least 34 million litres of water in the last year. This is a significant achievement, given that home washing machines are known to consume a large amount of water. By providing an alternative, U Clean has helped to reduce the amount of water that would otherwise have been flushed out during the home washing process.

While commenting on water conservation, Arunabh, founder, UClean says, “Being from an IIT background, innovation is replicated in our business. We have developed an eco-friendly range of 50% water savage in the laundry procedure, apart from this process in technology we use at UClean is well-versed in advance. On World Water Day, let’s remember the importance of this precious resource and the role it plays in our everyday lives. Water is a precious resource and conserving it should be a top priority for all of us. As a laundry company, we have a unique opportunity to make a significant impact by implementing water-saving practices in our operations”.

Water conservation has become a pressing issue in India, and it is heartening to see that entrepreneurs are taking it seriously. By making it a prime business focus, they are not only helping to save water but are also contributing to a cleaner and greener future for India.

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