Bremang gets modern Astroturf to support youth in sports

A newly-constructed Astroturf has been commissioned for the Bremang community in the Suame Constituency, to promote sports and recreation among the youth in the area. 

The park will serve as an avenue for sporting activities to improve sports inclusion and harness talents from the area.

It will also provide opportunities to groom the youth for the sports sector. 

The Bremang Astroturf is among three facilities being constructed in the Suame Constituency. The other two will be sited in Makro and Suame electoral areas. 

The Bremang Turf which started in 2022 was facilitated by Ghana Gas and constructed at an estimated cost of 2.5 million Ghana Cedis. 

The facility includes a football park, bathrooms, an athlete change room and audience stands.
Board member of Ghana National Gas Company, John Darko, explained the facility will provide the opportunity for young sports personalities to men via bigger sports stages.

The facility will also mitigate rampant drug abuse among the youth due to idling and lack of beneficial engagement. 

The facility forms part of the corporate social responsibility initiatives of Ghana Gas.

“I am hoping that players will train on this pitch and get the chance to play football in the Ghana premier league and another top European league. Ghana gas corporate social responsibility project cuts across the country, and it won’t end here because we have a lot to do to make the community happy.

“This pitch will help our brothers who engage in drugs to stop and engage in football. I will plead from now onwards, our younger brothers will stop these drug addictions. When they have the strength, they should engage in football, they should come to the pitch and play football to help themselves,” said Mr. Darko. 

Bremanhene, Nana Baffour Kotei Kutin Sraman, was glad a promise was delivered.

He entreats the youth in the area to value the park and optimize its use. 

“This park will help keep most of these young people engaged. Cases of drug use and radicals have become rampant and I believe this step will curtail it. I am happy that the Asantehene allowed for this to be built on his land. 

“The youth should also take care of this for their benefit.  We all need to keep and sustain it in a state that we will like to see every day,” he said.

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