NEP 2020 New Curriculum: School textbooks till Class II to be launched on Basant Panchami

NEW DELHI: New curriculum frameworks are being prepared under the National Education Policy 2020 which includes developing textbooks in Indian languages. Union education minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Tuesday said that on the occasion of Basant Panchami (January 26, 2023) the textbooks for early childhood education would be launched. The minister also said that the Indian education model too be showcased during the G20 summit this year.
Pradhan said that the textbooks from pre-primary to Class II would be launched this month, adding that the teaching-learning resources are also being designed along with the textbooks.
The minister said that the Indian tradition and culture will be part of the school syllabus in the making. Inaugurating the five-day National Kala Utsav in Bhubaneshwar, he said that the new syllabus will be aimed at creating responsible citizens of the 21st Century. “Art, literature and culture has been an integral part of the Indian education system and PM Narendra Modi envisioned the National Kala Utsav in 2015 to institutionalise this. Moreover, progress has been made to design textbooks in regional languages under the National Education Policy 2020. Diploma and engineering courses books are being designed in Indian languages and planning is underway to launch textbooks for BA, BCom and BSc in regional languages.”
Speaking about G20, Pradhan said that the summit will also be an opportunity for India to let the world understand her core principles and that everyone should also showcase India’s knowledge system and that students, educational and skill institutions should participate in the G20 education working group.
According to ministry of education officials, the National Education Policy 2020 as well as the Indian education model will be at the centrestage.

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