Gulf business leaders highlight the importance of corporate governance to university students

In two separate sessions involving students from Higher Colleges of Technology in Dubai, UAE, Raji Hattar, Chief Sustainability Officer at Aramex, gave an overview of the organisation’s global sustainability strategy. “At Aramex, we have a stakeholders’ view, meaning we focus on the wellbeing of our people, customers, investors, suppliers and partners, regulators, our community and environment. Our sustainability strategy is built on three pillars: education and youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and climate change and the environment, and we endeavour to act for impact.”

Addressing students from the University of Bahrain, Polytechnic Bahrain, Ahlia University and Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance, Jaleel Ghani, Corporate Ethics and Compliance General Manager at stc Group, shared his knowledge of the code of ethics, which is essential in outlining the company’s commitment to stakeholders. He said, “Research shows that a culture grounded with integrity is an enabler of corporate strategy, reducing misconduct instances, increasing employee productivity, improving reputation and goodwill and reducing business losses. The code of ethics forms the basis of what is expected from the organisation; however, developing a culture of integrity across the organisation will create a lasting impact and value for shareholders.”

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