Study finds high prevalence of non-diabetic kidney disease in patients with type 2 diabtetes mellitus

Kolkata: Diabetes is not the only cause for kidney diseases in patients with type 2 diabetes. A study conducted by a group of doctors from the state run Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research (IPGMER) has found in 18.2% of diabetic patients with kidney diseases, the cause of the kidney ailment is due to reasons other than diabetes.
The study titled ‘Prevalence of non-diabetic kidney disease and inability of clinical predictors to differentiate it from diabetic kidney disease: results from a prospectively performed renal biopsy’ has been published recently in the British Medical Journal.
The study cites that true prevalence of diabetic kidney disease and non-diabetic kidney disease remains largely unknown and the published medical literature is predominantly derived from retrospective analysis of biopsy studies.
“What we have done in this study is to prospectively offer renal biopsy to patients who have diabetes along with some form of renal disease. We have highlighted a prevalence of kidney disease in type 2 diabetes patients due to causes other than diabetes accounts for 18.2%,” said Dr Sujoy Ghosh professor of endocrinology at IPGMER.
In the study conducted by the doctors from IPGMER’s two departments – endocrinology and nephrology 6247 patients were first screened for type 2 diabetes among whom 869 fulfilled the inclusion criteria. While 818 subjects were feasible for renal biopsy 110 consented for renal biopsy. Of them 73 (66.4%) were found to have diabetic kidney disease, 20 (18.2%) had non-diabetic kidney disease and 17 (15.4%) were found to have mixed kidney disease.
In conclusion the study said non-diabetic kidney disease and mixed kidney disease in type 2 diabetes mellitus with renal involvement are very common and traditionally used parameters to select biopsy are of limited value in clinical decision making.
“This study highlights the limitations of currently used as predictors for non-diabetic kidney disease and opens up the scope for research where we can identify better bio makers to help in selecting patients who require biopsy. Due to the high prevalence of non-diabetic kidney disease and also mixed causes of the kidney disease in type 2 diabetes patients, medical care accordingly could result in better clinical outcome,” added Ghosh.
Along with Ghosh doctors Madhrima Basu, Subhasis Neogi, Mainak banerjeem Nitai P Bhattacharya, Pradip Mukhopadhyay from the department of endocrinology, Arpita Ray Chaudhury and Smartya Pulai from nephology wing and Sanghamitra Sengupta from biochemistry department of the University of Calcutta were part of the study.

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