BEOs in UP reject child care, maternity leaves of teachers citing comments like ’45’ and ‘181180’

Lucknow: Government school teachers in UP have been found to cancel their leave request – casual and medical — the same day they applied for it. Sensing foul, director general school education Vijay Kiran Anand has written to basic shiksha adhikari (BSA) of 53 districts seeking clarification on the cancellation of leave after applying for it. The entire process of applying and sanctioning leave of teachers of state-run schools is done online in UP.
In a letter to BSAs of 53 districts, Anand stated, it has been found that the leave cancellation request by the applicant has been put post 12 noon. In several cases, leaves have been cancelled as late as 10 pm. This, said Anand, indicates that applicants have consumed their leave and then sent a request for cancellation.
Anand further wrote that approval of leave cancellation by the applicant on the same day is being carried out with the connivance of the reporting officer, which is totally unacceptable.
Speaking to TOI, Anand said, “From the Manav Sampada portal, we are reviewing all teacher establishment issues including service book, leave sanctioning. Wherever there are deviations that are evident in the log, we are fixing responsibility and taking action against sanctioning officers.”
During the leave sanction review, the DG also found 62 cases in 20 districts where the reporting officer has rejected the child care and maternity leaves of teachers citing absurd comments.
For instance, BEO Wazirganj, who was the reporting officer of Primary School, Garruiya in Badaun district rejected the CCL of an assistant teacher citing the comment ‘16062022’. In another case where the maternity leave of an assistant teacher from Basti was rejected, the reporting officer – BEO Gaur wrote, ‘2.42022E+11’ in the comment section.
According to the DG, the act shows lack of transparency in disposing off leaves of teachers at the level of reporting officer. “In both the cases, BSAs have been asked to explain the cases individually latest till January 5,” Anand said.

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