Security Bank wins CSR, investor relations awards in Asia for 2nd year

The Philippine Star

January 1, 2023 | 12:00am

MANILA, Philippines — Security Bank Corp. was again recognized by Corporate Governance Asia at the 12th Asian Excellence Awards for its various investor relations and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

The Hong Kong-based publication awarded the bank with the Asia’s Best CSR Award and Asia’s Best Investor Relations Company Award for its excellence in promoting inclusive development in the Philippines and uplifting the quality of investor relations in the country.

“Security Bank recognizes the important role financial institutions play in nation-building and sustainable development. It acknowledges that environmental and social risks that arise from its activities and those of its customers significantly impact its operations… it aims to manage these risks appropriately by providing value-adding products and services, acting responsibly, and supporting worthwhile advocacies,” the publication said.

Apart from the institutional awards, Corporate Governance Asia also recognized three of the bank’s senior executives for their excellence in leadership and investor relations: Security Bank president and CEO, Sanjiv Vohra – Asia’s Best CEO for Investor Relations, chief financial officer Eduardo Olbes – Asia’s Best CFO for Investor Relations, and FVP and investor relations head Ropi Dangazo – Best Investor Relations Professional in the Philippines.

“The bank has established enduring relationships with its investors through its investor relations program which has produced consistent and timely public disclosure of all material information. The bank’s numerous communication tools have enabled it to provide investors with strategic operating and financial information, in particular, its comprehensive disclosure to regulatory authorities such as the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Philippine Stock Exchange,” the publication said.

The Asian Excellence Awards recognizes achievements and excellence in management acumen, financial performance, corporate social responsibility, environmental practices, and investor relations of companies and business executives based in Asia.

“We are very proud to be consistently recognized by Corporate Governance Asia as an organization that successfully combines profitability, environmental responsibility, strong communications, and innovation. At Security Bank, we’ll continue to delight customers and create value at every interaction with compelling value propositions and meaningful customer journeys. We remain focused on our mission to enrich lives, empower businesses and build communities sustainably through financial excellence,” Security Bank president and CEO Sanjiv Vohra said.

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