Aesop Rock releases new single ‘Pumpkin Seeds’ in support of DIY skate parks in Dayton

WYSO music director Juliet Fromholt spoke with David Schweitzer and Peter Benkendorf about two new DIY skate parks in Dayton. Schweitzer is a community member and skateboarder who has spent twenty years advocating for the construction of community skate parks in downtown Dayton. His efforts eventually gained the support of the Collaboratory, a non-profit organization founded by Peter Benkendorf to provide infrastructure and support to community groups. Together, Schweitzer and Benkendorf gained approval from the city of Dayton to construct two skate parks in Dayton: Claridge Park DIY and Home Avenue DIY. According to Benkendorf, the skateparks are only the beginning of their work—in addition to skateboarding, he hopes that they will be able to foster music and art for youth in the local community. You can find information about Dayton’s new DIY skate parks on Instagram or Facebook.

Juliet also spoke with Nikki Jean, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for Rhymesayers Entertainment, about a new single by rapper Aesop Rock which will raise funds and awareness for the new Dayton skate parks. Aesop Rock is a skater himself, Jean said, and a long-time advocate for youth skating. When he heard about Schweitzer and Benkendorf’s effort to create DIY skateparks in Dayton, he decided to release a song in support. His new single, “Pumpkin Seeds,” features Lupe Fiasco and is produced by Blockhead. Proceeds from the track will support the new skate parks in Dayton. “Pumpkin Seeds” is available now for digital streaming. Preorders are also available now for vinyl and other related merch via Rhymesayers.

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