Metfone first in Cambodia to receive a Gold Play Button from YouTube

After 9 years of establishment, the Youtube channel of Viettel Cambodia Company (Metfone) has reached more than 1 million subscribers and received the Gold Play Button.

In Cambodia, Metfone’s Youtube channel is one of the channels of the non-entertainment brand with the largest number of followers. This achievement is due to the efforts to produce in-depth content to reach the audience and especially suitable to the culture and lifestyle of the people.

This award is considered a special mark for the communication and promotion of the Metfone brand image. This milestone is a testament to the popularity of the channel and the virality of the content that Metfone has produced.

Among them, the highlight is the famous animated video series Path of Dharma – a program with Buddhist content that helps spread good things and motivates people to do good deeds.

Another popular series on Metfone’s YouTube Channel is Kradas Sar – a weekly educational program produced by Metfone that has a large viewership. From services and digital content, in 2021 Metfone won the Gold Award for Best Education and Training Product of the Year from the Globee Awards for the Path of Dharma Series.

In 2022, Metfone also won the award for best corporate social responsibility program of the year for the reality TV show “It’s Not A Dream” from the Globee Awards. The program to find relatives lost in the war.

According to the Channel’s analysis, so far, total views reached 332.6 million, total watch time reached 16.6 million hours.

Currently, Metfone has been producing more entertaining content on YouTube Shorts, a platform for short-form videos, which is also one of the strategies to diversify content and make the channel more attractive.

Besides, not just entertainment, Metfone also focuses on building, innovating and developing its Youtube channel in the direction of serving society and serving the community; Try to exploit the content that brings the good culture of Cambodia, connects people, brings positive and contagious values.

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