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Insurance Council of Zimbabwe

The Insurance Council of Zimbabwe has partnered the Education ministry in raising insurance awareness in rural schools through an essay writing competition.

This competition is an opportunity for school heads to acquire the much-needed teaching and learning resources. 302 rural secondary schools are involved in this competition.

Speaking at a gathering to celebrate winners of the competition, Education  ministry secretary Tumisang Thabela said rural learners played an important role in disseminating information about insurance.

“Students will pass information and educate their parents and elders in their communities on the importance of insurance,” said Thabela.

 “It’s a corporate social responsibility aimed at assisting rural schools through the provision of reading material.”

“I am, therefore, encouraging all schools to take part in similar competitions in the future, as such competitions expose and enrich learners with research skills, while enhancing their understanding of the importance of insurance in life after school,” she said.

The competition was held in line with the competence-based curriculum, issues to do with insurance are covered under learning areas such as Commerce and Agriculture.

Thabela also urged schools to raise insurance awareness in the rural farming communities.

She said there was a great need to protect agricultural activities through insurance and risk management given that the agricultural sector was under serious threat from the effects of climate change which is causing floods and droughts — the sector faces various risks like fire, theft, crop and livestock diseases.

“The livelihoods of the rural population is dependent on agriculture and this section contributes to the national economy by producing about 70% of raw materials for the productive sector.”

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