Microsoft complains about worker shortage; funds abortion!

As reported by, The multi-billion-dollar tech corporation Microsoft has been complaining about a workforce shortage while at the same time promoting the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

In a column at The Christian Post, financial economist Jerry Bowyer exposed the company’s contradictions after he participated in the annual shareholders meeting recently. Microsoft is one of dozens of companies that began offering abortion “benefits” (travel, lodging, meal expenses, etc.) in response to the U.S. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

“It’s good that Microsoft recognizes that we have a demographic crisis,” said Bowyer, the president of Bowyer Research. “It’s not so good that they’ll pay for the expenses of people who abort their children. This is the opposite of a solution.”

Bowyer said he asked a question during the annual shareholders meeting about the company’s decision to take a political stance on abortion:

“Shortly after the Supreme Court overturned Roe, the company made a public announcement ‘to protect employees rights’ and to reimburse for abortion costs. Does the company really need to insert itself into a polarizing social issue on which our country is divided?”

However, the moderator avoided answering it directly – which Bowyer said was easy because the meeting was virtual.

One day later, Bowyer said he noticed a post from Microsoft on LinkedIn complaining about the workplace shortage problems in the U.S.

“If we’re going to have fewer people on which to rely, we’re going to need more technology and figure out how to harness it more effectively,” the post read.

Yet, the company’s pro-abortion position contributes to the problem it is complaining about. More than 63 million unborn babies have been aborted in the past 50 years, and “every one of those aborted people would be under 50 years of age, placing them within the working age range,” Bowyer said.

In the shortsightedness of Microsoft executives, however, the new abortion “benefits” make sense as an immediate solution to the workforce shortage.

“Formerly pregnant women can get back to the cubicle … and back to work for the company,” Bowyer said. “Pregnancy is expensive, not just in terms of medical costs, but in terms of taking highly economically productive women away from the coding grindstone.”

He also pointed out that Microsoft has been accused of discriminating against pregnant employees. He quoted Derek Kreifels of the State Financial Officers Foundation, who recently reported that Microsoft “has faced extensive allegations of discrimination against pregnant workers — including an instance where a manager claimed the company didn’t want to ‘waste’ a promotion on a worker in case she got pregnant.”

This is tragic and highly scandalous as Microsoft is in a vantage position to positively shape an anti-abortion narrative given the enormous financial resources it has at its disposal. Alas, it has chosen to be politically correct rather than heroic!

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One is not surprised since its co-founder and pioneer CEO, Bill Gates is a well-known global abortion backer, especially in impoverished countries where he has more than a passing interest in their healthcare sector.

One wouldn’t be amazed if donations to abortion groups would also be part of their ‘corporate social responsibility’ as well. This is nauseating, to say the least, as would any of the ‘geniuses’ who work there would have had the chance to excel, and now fatally decide the fate of innocent babies if they were themselves aborted?

Enough of this sanctioned murder of the innocents by American Big Tech!

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