Post Courier Drought affected villages get help

Trukai Industries Limited has donated three tonnes of rice to help three villages that have been affected by drought in Markham district, Morobe province.

Representatives from Kukuc, Waritsian and Mamaringan villages were pleased to receive Trukai’s timely donation.

Kukuc village leader, Michael Som thanked Trukai Industries for helping many families during their time of need.

“Trukai will always be a part of our lives and a part of this country. It is through Trukai’s quick intervention in places that need help that really demonstrates its strength as the only iconic brand in the country,” he said.

Trukai has helped many rural villages affected by natural disasters throughout the country in the past decades through its donation of rice, the biggest was in 1997 when areas of the Highlands were affected by frost causing a food shortage.

A study conducted by Neville Whitecross and Philip Franklin in the early 2000s described Trukai’s assistance as the only viable donation for any natural disaster relief in the country.

“It showed that at a time when nothing could grow, rice proved to be the only food supply that people could eat,” Mr Som said.

Trukai Industry Limited’s marketing manager, Maryanne Tom said the company will continue to assist the country’s people during their time of need.

“Trukai remains one of the country’s iconic brands and it does through its corporate social responsibility program by helping charity organisations, hospitals and prisons through monthly rice and cash donations, agricultural programs to help local rice farmers, and our commitment to helping villagers affected by natural disasters,” Ms Tom said.

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