Top colleges in Europe with stellar MBA programs

Want to pursue an MBA abroad but unsure where to start? Take a look at a few of the top MBA colleges in Europe where you can start your MBA journey.

Do you want to boost your career and become an effective leader? Well MBA is the way to go, as pursuing an MBA will teach you the fundamentals of how to be an efficient leader, develop and nurture a business and lead your own team. There are several international institutes that offer MBA programs in various fields. Let us take a look at a few top-notch universities from Europe with stellar MBA courses:

ESMT Berlin, Germany: As the name suggests, ESMT is located right in the center of Germany’s bustling capital Berlin. The institute provides a host of MBA and executive MBA programs such as Master in Management, Master in Global Management, Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Master in Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to name a few. The institute also offers open enrollment and customized educational courses. They focus on training and nurturing entrepreneurial leaders with a global focus on social responsibility and the management of technology.

Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Netherlands: TThe full-time MBA program at Erasmus University of Rotterdam is a top-tier MBA program and is known for its experiential learning environment. They focus on teaching and learning skills that can influence the way we do business worldwide. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to learn from world-leading staff that is experts in their fields.

IE Business School, Spain: You can choose to pursue your MBA program in Spanish or English from IE Business School, Spain. They offer MBAs and executive MBAs programs that provide global insights and strategic expertise into the global business world. Moreover, you have the opportunity to learn from top academics and experienced industry professionals. They also offer full-time and part-time programs (10 and 30 months) which allow you to pursue different MBA courses at your own pace.

Thus, by exploring these MBA degrees in Europe, we realize that many universities focus on teaching you global perspectives and how to build and maintain a successful business, regardless of where you plan to develop professionally. Hence, an MBA in Europe is definitely something you should consider to boost your career!

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