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With the onslaught of the current COVID-19 pandemic and the growing uncertainty, knowing your career prospects can be quite daunting. Along with that, for students who are aspiring to pursue their higher studies abroad, knowing your job prospects becomes an important aspect. There is a sufficient amount of research that needs to be done and this research helps in choosing a course that aligns with your interest and a university that will offer you rich experiences, like-minded peers, and a platform to flourish.

Before you move ahead with the decision to study abroad or working anywhere, first introspect and understand what exactly is a good job for you and what would success mean for you? Read on ahead to know how to define a good job and success for you with only 3 steps.

  1. To define your career prospects use different dimensions and aspects. Begin by listing down the different aspects.
  2. The factors could be,
    • What kind of work-life balance do you want?
    • What are the motivators in life for you?
    • What are the dream companies that you want to work with? Or do you want to start something of your own?
  3. Then rate them to know what is more important to you.

This 3-step guide will help you identify and map out your career goals or path. While choosing a course for your higher studies, it is important to know and understand the career prospects of the academic program that one is applying to. The professional market, the earning potential, the diversity and scope in terms of the different careers that open up for the student after graduating with that degree. Thus, pursuing your degree from a top university abroad opens up a lot of doors for you post your study program. You can then understand which route to take with the help of these tips:

  1. From a professional point of view, look at which career meets your goals. Have a look at the various careers that you can take up with each degree.
  2. Take up internships. Practical experience will help you determine what you are good at and interested in.
  3. Network before and during the course of your study. Use platforms like LinkedIn to connect with alumni, along with that speak to relatives or friends.
  4. Understand the professional market, the earning potential, skills that are in demand in that field, apply to companies, attend interviews and introspect on what you have learned from each interview.
  5. Ask for guidance. ReachIvy provides career counseling- can help you understand what career will be suitable for you. We also offer goal-setting workshops to help you set your long-term goals with respect to various life aspects.
  6. Take up a doctorate or Ph.D. course

Right from pursuing further studies, doing an internship to get a graduate job, or even starting your own entrepreneurial journey, there are a number of options and routes you can pick from but very few will actually be the right fit for you.

Do you want to map out your career path? Contact us now!

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