L’oréal India Advocates For Young Women Scholarships

The L’Oréal India Scholarships For Young Women in Science Programme is an extension of the international L’ORÉAL UNESCO FOR WOMEN IN SCIENCE partnership. The program with the support of the Indian National Commission for Cooperation with UNESCO has helped young women, passionate about science, to achieve their dreams and aspirations of pursuing a career in science. By providing financial assistance to pursue scientific education, this scholarship reinforces the vocation of women in scientific disciplines.

L’Oréal India has stated to strongly believe in the source of progress, and the contribution of women that is vital to its future. That is why we have initiated the L’Oréal India For Young Women in Science (FYWIS) Scholarship Programme – a countrywide initiative which encourages and supports young women to pursue their careers in science. 

The programme started in 2003 and has empowered over 300 young women from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their higher education in any scientific field from a recognised college or university in India. A scholarship of 250,000 is granted to each of the promising young women and covers their college fees.

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